04 1.9 exhaust advice please - hole in flexipipe - stupotty
Hi Guys, hoping you might be able to point me in a good direction on this as I'm at a loss....

my 1.9cdti vectra has an unrepairable hole in the braided flexipipe section (near front roughly under dashboard) which my local vauxhall dealer quoted me £400 to replace. they were unsure (because they are idiots) as to whether it was part of the cat or not. my dilemma is; as it's noisy but not urgent do I sit on till it REALLY goes, as the £400 option is the only one, OR
does anyone know if I can just replace the flexipipe, and at a considerably lower cost????? and if so, where???

anything you know would be massively appreciated.


{guessing you meant 04 and not 94 for the year?}

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94 1.9 exhaust advise please!! - hole in flexipipe - injection doc
take a trip to your local exhaust centre for a quote, just don't get sucked in. They may offer an alternative, its possible they may be dearer so don't be to harsh on your dealer until your sure. I guess you mean 2004?
94 1.9 exhaust advise please!! - hole in flexipipe - topbloke
some car part suppliers CAS GSF etc can supply flexi pipes in different lenghts/bore size however this brings its own problems like it having to be welded into the correct position off the vehicle (going to be a lot cheaper than £400 but its a lot of mucking about )this is assuming that the pipe is in an otherwise suitable condition to be welded plus gaskets broken studs etc, Regards TB
04 1.9 exhaust advice please!! - hole in flexipipe - focusman
i had a quick internet search.
could not find a 1.9 diesel version but on a site called "cats direct" ( no connection with them) they have a 2.0 diesel cat with front down pipe for a price of £102 delivered, mainland uk. 2 year guarantee. if you go to their site, there are pictures of these parts
no mention of a 1.9 diesel vectra whatsoever. only 1.7, 2.0& 2.2 are you sure yours is 1.9.
could always give them a call about the 1.9 to see if they do one.
04 1.9 exhaust advice please!! - hole in flexipipe - stupotty
Yeah the problem with internet suppliers,etc. is that pretty much everything seems to be for the vectra B (95-02) with the 1.7,2.0 etc. sizes. Someone has mentioned MIJ in Walsall to me. can anyone recommend this lot???

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