97 2.0 gti6 engine into a saxo - lee123
does any body know if a 306 gti6 engine will go into my little saxo vtr 2000 year. i have the full car here (the peugeot) so i have access to all the engine and box ancileries, will i need to get new shafts made up or can i run the engine on the saxo box?

its a little project for the sake of passing time.
97 2.0 gti6 engine into a saxo - richie1309
lee why why oh why, the engines gr8 in the pug mate if it not broke dont fix it... no offence meant mate and i know its gr8 to have these little projects but a saxo lol

seriously tho i think you will have problems mating the gti 6 engine to your saxo gear box as im sure the fly wheel and gear box foot print were different on the GTI-6 than any of the other pugs and saxo's i think you'd have more sucess with an XSI or S16 engine (same block different ancileries managment and gear box(5 speed) down side is less powerful)

good luck mate :)