Potential turbocharger and stop-start conflict

My FIAT 500 TwinAir is the third car I have owned with a turbocharger and the first with a stop-start system which is on by default. When stopping after a long fast run (e.g. a queue at a motorway exit slip road) the stop-start system cuts in and the engine stops with what I believe to be a very hot turbocharger.
Surely this is bad news? As one who learned (on your advice) to simmer a hot turbocharger for 30 seconds before stopping the engine I immediately restart and let it idle.
Is this correct? shouldn't stop-start systems override the stop action if the turbocharger is very hot or is this an unreasonable expectation of the technology?
I have not been able to observe the behaviour of other makes with a similar combination so don't know if it's just FIAT's implementation.
Many thanks,
Peter Early

Asked on 29 April 2016 by Zaphod

Answered by Honest John
If you are worried, then normally dipping the clutch keeps the engine running. But most stop start systems will not stop the engine when the turbo is hot enough to carbonise the oil in it. A TwinAir anyway has a water-cooled and well as bearing oil cooled turbo.
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