Stop-start effect on turbos in automatics

I'm waiting on delivery of a new 328i touring automatic in the next couple of weeks. It's my first automatic BMW and my first with stop-start technology ... so quite a bit of learning to do! I had a 330d manual, always used Shell V-Power diesel and made sure to "simmer" the engine for about a minute at the end of a journey after getting it hot to safeguard bearings etc... as you recommend.
Moving to this twin turbo 2-litre 245ps petrol engine what do you recommend to protect it? Just switch off the stop start and put the transmission in neutral at traffic lights/junctions or what?

Asked on 23 October 2012 by DM, Macclesfield, Cheshire

Answered by Honest John
It's not a twin turbo. Only one variable twin spool turbo. I have to admit, the stop start is the only part of my BMW 320dED that irritates me. But I don't think it will ever stop the engine when the turbo is at sufficiently high temperature to cause damage. For example, when I run into a motorway traffic hold up, the stop start does not start to activate immediately.
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