Misfuelling- a little prompt - Ben10
I'm not going to bang on about the wrongs of people who misfuel diesels with petrol. Mishaps happen and the deed is done. When you go to the till the cashier usually confirms the pump and the amount. Why can't they also state type of fuel. Some may already do this, but many don't.
The advice over many years on here from experienced posters is that you should never start up once misfuelling has been done. But the numpty that has, would usually be oblivious until turning the key. Too late. That's why I think a gentle reality check from the cashier, might give enough of a warning not to. The word "petrol" might pop the mental bubble they filled up with. It won't stop misfuelling, but it could prevent hefty bills if the vehicle is started. Changing nozzles and fillers will take ages.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - movilogo
Apparently there are devices which can be fit to cars to prevent mis-fuelling. It has been discussed here earlier.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - Armitage Shanks {p}
I have misfuelled 3 times in 10 years and be honest one has to be pretty absent minded to miss all the prompts, that'll be me then! Long before one gets to pay, the hose may not be of a fixed colour but the nozzle says Diesel, one may have a sticker in the filler area saying Diesel, when refuelling the window in the pump switches to highlight the fuel being dispensed; what more does one need? I have got away with it twice by picking up the problem before putting much in, brimming it off with Diesel and triple dosing with Millers Diesel plus.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - zookeeper
Apparently there are devices which can be fit to cars to prevent mis-fuelling. It has
been discussed here earlier.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - Martin Devon
Well Ben, the simple things are best and what a good suggestion and at no cost. Just another point along with all of the other indicators. Quite brilliant really. 10/10

Best regards...........Martin.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - bintang
I believe new Fords have a misfuellig blockage device.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - Armitage Shanks {p}
In principle I am with Ben and MD on this, up to a point, but I do think it is a lot of extra responsibility, to identify the fuel sold to a customer, for a cashier who is dealing with 10+ pumps, car wash tokens, a small supermarket, newspapers, magazines depicting the latest manifestation of Jordan's norks, coal and kindling wood, and BBQ charcoal and all for the National Minimum wage, less tax and NI contributions. Rant off!

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Misfuelling- a little prompt - deepwith
We used to have a BP garage near here selling Ultimate duel - whenever you picked up the nozzle an automated tannoy would call repeatedly to ask you if you intended to fill with diesel.

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Misfuelling- a little prompt - Mookfish
Agree with AS that the staff do have alot to do allready, my local Total station also does mobile phone topup and paypoint (I pay the gas bill there, no way are we putting that on direct debit given some of their estimated bills!), and yet the lady who does the dayshift there allways knows which pump I have used, amazing realy.

What they could do perhaps is to allways issue a receipt with either petrol or deisel as appropriate printed in very large letters.

What I do sugest for the paranoid Diesel owners is to buy the device I saw in Halfords, a black box that sticks inside the filler flap and shouts "Deisel Fuel", whenever the flap is opened. Should get your attention and they were only £5.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - Robin Reliant
In my youth I worked in a small garage. My self and the owner were looking through the window one day while someone happily filled his (Petrol) car with diesel. When I was about to run out and stop him, the boss grabbed my arm and said, "Hang on, wait till he's paid for it first".

Well, you've got to make a living.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - Dwight Van Driver
>>>>Jordan's norks<<<<

Wazzat AS?

Misfuelling- a little prompt - Armitage Shanks {p}
Come on DVD - get into the 21st century do! Norks are also known, by the late lamented Dudley Moore as "Busty Substances", if you recall the memorable Dud & Pete sketches? Any other words might break the swear filter. Google is your friend = Australian slang. Derived from the prominent udders on the cow used to advertise Norco, New South Wales' North Coast Dairy Co-Operative.

Misfuelling- a little prompt - Kevin
>In principle I am with Ben and MD on this, up to a point, but I do think it is a lot of extra responsibility,

Maybe we could automate it with new touchscreen pumps?

When you remove the nozzle from the pump the touchscreen displays all the grades available from that pump but in random locations on the screen. The punter has to press the area on the screen that matches the grade of fuel dispensed by the nozzle he/she has in their hand.

If they get it wrong suitable punishment is applied.

Misfuelling- a little prompt - Ben 10

Some people just don't read the postings. I can't see how hard it is to look at the till, see the pump used and the price and convey it to the customer and say Petrol/Diesel. If they can read they can say three words. £10 - Diesel/petrol

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Misfuelling- a little prompt - Armitage Shanks {p}
I read the postings very closely! I take it you are in support of the nanny state? Do you expect a supermarket check out person to ask you if you sure you want low fat or full fat milk, white or brown bread? The possibilities are endless! If YOU are buying fuel YOU check what you are buying and don't get it wrong! There are plenty of clear clues at the pump plus turning on the ignition is not the killer it is alleged to be.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - William James
See www.misfuellingprevention.co.uk as featured on Dragons Den.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - Alby Back
I got into trouble with some people for making a comment like this before and I suppose I shall again but.....

If pumps are labelled in your mother tongue and you put petrol in a diesel car or vice versa, then that's just daft isn't it..?

Our family run a selection of diesel and petrol cars and on a straw poll no one has even come close to using the wrong pump, ever. How complicated can it be ? I mean, you wouldn't put water on bran flakes unless you were allergic to milk would you or boil vegetables in beer despite the fact they were all in the same fridge.

Who are these people ?
Misfuelling- a little prompt - bathtub tom
I've put fruit juice on my corn flakes, more than once. ;>(
Misfuelling- a little prompt - andyp
It amazes me most when someone manages to put diesel into a petrol car as the diesel nozzle won't even fit into the filler neck of an unleaded car. Surely that must set off a warning bell in your head, yet plenty of people still do it !
Misfuelling- a little prompt - Ben 10
Yes we are all perfect.

I've never done it either. But according to statistics from the AA and RAC, hundreds of thousands do this every year. The OP was a suggestion after the event to prevent FURTHER mechanical costs or damage. The advice from many posters on here to those that do misfuel is NOT to start up the vehicle but have it drained. Surely this tiniest bit of information offered by the attendant would save thousands of pounds to prospective numb nuts who have done the unthinkable. Before they drive off.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - Alby Back

Still don't get it though.....sorry and all...
Misfuelling- a little prompt - Ben 10
Don't get what?

"scuse me sir, thats 20 quid for petrol". Ah! but I drive a diesel..... Doh!

Simple. Costs nothing but a £300 drain and flush. Whereas if its STARTED up. Could amount to thousands.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - grumpyscot
It amazes me most when someone manages to put diesel into a petrol car as
the diesel nozzle won't even fit into the filler neck of an unleaded car. Surely
that must set off a warning bell in your head yet plenty of people still
do it !

I always understood that the opposite way round was the problem - filling a diesel with petrol is a definite no-no, but filling a petrol with diesel is not quite as serious.

The problem is, any pump will fit a diesel, unless you go to a "truck filler" pump.

Don't most diesels have a little reminder on the filler cap anyway?
Misfuelling- a little prompt - BobbyG
Good idea in principle and doesn't cost anything but would it make any difference?
If you have picked up the wrong nozzle, maybe not noticed the different smell then is the fact the cashier mentions diesle or petrol going to make any difference if you are like me, standing in oblivion waiting for the card reader to say "Enter PIN now".

As with all of these type warnings, you may pay attention the first couple of times, after that your brain ignores it.

Like many road signs.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - doctorchris
How about an automated system with a little loudspeaker on the pump which, as you pick up the nozzle, says "you have selected Petrol" or Diesel, as appropriate.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - Alby Back
Funnily enough DC...I was in Mallorca a couple of weeks ago and they had just that system on the pump I used to fill up a hire car. At least I think that's what it was saying......Might have been something rude for all I know.....
Misfuelling- a little prompt - Andrew-T
How about an automated system with a little loudspeaker on the pump ..

The Nissan garage in Widnes had pumps which did just that for many years - maybe they still do. It may have prevented the problem under discussion many times.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - apm
Just bought one of these fuel angels (as in Dragons' Den, mentioned above). Took 5 mins to fit, piece of cake. Cost £30. Car is an 07 S60 D5.

Although neither the Mrs nor I have ever misfueled, it's now something we don't have to worry about.



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Misfuelling- a little prompt - Happy Blue!
I have misfuelled, only a few hours after telling SWMBO not to do it in the new diesel car. I managed about three litres of petrol when I realised so topped off with Derv and the car was fine afterwards.
Misfuelling- a little prompt - zookeeper
the answer is simple, link the ANPR camera at the petrol station to the pump, the data on the records will know what fuel type the vehicle requires and can be activated at the pump automatically
Misfuelling- a little prompt - sooty123
Simple wouldn't be a word I would use for that idea.