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03 1.8 Heater Fan - wellman
Recently the heater/cooling fan has stopped working. When the rotary selector switch moves through fan speeds position 1 2 &3 nothing happens, however when position 4 is selected the fan operates, also when speed position 1 is selected a relay can be heard operating. Also the cruise control does not appear to be working together with eratic readings from the engine temperature gauge.
The fault seamed to appear after water entered the passenger area because of a blocked cabin filter vent.
I have checked all the fuses to no avail, does anyone have any ideas
Many thanks Wellman

03 1.8 Heater Fan - Dynamic Dave
Common fault with these. The resistor pack has failed, most probably due to water getting on the blower motor and semi seizing it up and putting too much strain on the resistor.

There is a mod where a small hole is drilled just underneath to prevent water from gathering at the base of the motor.

If you read the following thread over on vectra-c.com, then things should become clearer.


The picture on page 3 of that thread *might* be of some help as well. It shows where the resistor pack is located. Apparently you can get a cheap component (thermal fuse I believe) from Maplin to repair it.


As for the cruise control, the usual fault is a weak clutch pedal return spring. A way to test this is to put your foot under the pedal and lift it slightly. If the CC then works, then that's the problem. If you look in the how2 section over on Vectra-c.com it tells you what the part number is and how to replace it.

ps, you'll need to register an account on vectra-c.com to view some of the sub forums.

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 17/06/2009 at 13:59

03 1.8 Heater Fan - wellman
Many thanks for your help. I have obtained a new resistor pack from local VX which has done the job. Also have checked the clutch pedal which is not returning to the top of its position so will obtain a new spring.
Once again many thanks.

Regards Wellman
03 1.8 Heater Fan - Dynamic Dave
I have obtained a new resistor pack from local VX which has done the job.

Did you check the fan was spinning freely? If it isn't, then it will most likely blow the replacement pack as well.
03 1.8 Heater Fan - cyberpang_1

I also had this problem. I change the resistor and it blow again. I change the heater blower and pruchased a new resistor and it blow again. was told that maybe there might be an electricial fault?


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