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03 2.0 P0420 code - eeo
I have a St170 and had a custom CAT fitted about a year ago. After 2 weeks engine warning light appeared so went back to garage to have it diagnosed and reset. This went on for 6 months until both myself and the garage came close to murdering each other.

I have since had it checked at 2 other garages. Both get the same P0420 - Bank 1,Sensor 1 efficiency below threshold code and say it is either the sensor, which has already been replaced, or the CAT.

After all the money I have paid out already, I am very reluctant to go get another CAT or sensor. Is there any other explanations for this or am I going to have to bite the bullet and shell out for another CAT and/or sensor?
03 2.0 P0420 code - elekie&a/c doctor
Custom cat =poor efficiency=engine warning light on.Only a genuine Ford or EC type approved product will fix this.hth
03 2.0 P0420 code - eeo
Geuine Ford CAT+fitting = £700
The car is 7 years old. Is it really worth it? What is the EC type approved product you suggest?
03 2.0 P0420 code - bell boy
it is now illegal to sell or fit an aftermarket cat not eu approved to a car registered after 2001
03 2.0 P0420 code - MikeTorque
It's worth trying your local scrap dealer to see if they may have a suitable cat for your car. Unfortately performance cars do tend to carry an additional premium cost when something goes wrong, which is the reason I now keep away from them, I got stung once when I was younger, never again.

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