96 1761 Intermittent Stalling - Mondy Man
Guys, a friend of the family has had this problem for nearly a year.

The car stalls at random invervals, can go for several days with no problem and then a stall out of the blue, usually when menouvering, e.g. at junctions. Has been in the garage several times and had all the ususal checks, fuel pump, injectors and so on. The has just had a service but is still stalling.

Very strange, has anyone else experienced this, or have any suggestions.

Many thanks

96 1761 Intermittent Stalling - RichardW
My Dad had trouble with his 1.8 8V Xantia similar to this - unstable idle and cutting out, eventually it died and wouldn't start at all. Needed a new crank sensor - I don't think they're dear, so might be worth a punt? Is it worse when it's hot?
96 1761 Intermittent Stalling - ColinR
I've been having exactly the same problem now for about the last year. Garage can't find anything wrong with it. Can go for several weeks without stalling but then will cut out for no apparent reason. When it does, usually on a bend, it takes the power steering with it making it difficult to steer out of trouble. Good news is it usually only happens at slowish speeds. Any help appreciated.
96 1761 Intermittent Stalling - gouger
try cleaning out throttle stepper motor.If it works then returns replace it.From memory they're about 100 quid

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