Size of rear tailgate opening - Dave N
I need to fit something large and square into the back of a late V70, but due to 'styling' the hole isn't now as big as the old style and 850 (into which I can fit it).

If anyone has one of these, would they be kind enough to measure it for me, or point me to somewhere I can find the info.

I need to know the width at the bottom, height from bottom centre to top centre, but most importantly the width of that full height, ie. how wide is it at the top before it tapers down to the corners. Many thanks.
Size of rear tailgate opening - honeybear
Maybe a help but I needed some dimensions for a BMW 3 Series and contacted the customer service dept at the HQ they kindly e-mailed quite detailed diagrams with all the measurements back to me, may help to say something like I am interested in purchasing a etc etc.