02 1.2 Orange coil warning light and fault P0790 - Mazzie79

Hope someone can help. On my way to work this morning, my clio (52 plate but Jan 03)lost power as I was driving along the dual carriageway and the orange coil warning light came on (electrical fault). The car would still drive but wouldn't rev over 2500 revs. I pulled over and the engine cut out as I was trying to phone my husband for help! Car started straight away but still had warning light. I managed to get it to work but it would not let me drive over 40 mph on the dual carriageway and just seemed to struggle to keep going. When I got to work and turned the car off for a few minutes then started it again, the fault was gone.

Called the AA out who found fault number P0790- normal/performance switch circuit. There was no further details and the guy said he hadn't seen this before! We took it out for a 6 mile drive up the dual carriageway and back which it was fine with. Have got home tonight with no problems. AA's advice was to see a garage if it happens again.

Has anyone got any ideas what this fault means and what needs doing to the car?



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