Authorised Repair??? - kpp
Following a reverse attack on the rear passenger door of my Mazda and a rational discussion with the van driver responsible, I called in at my local bodyshop for an estimate to repair the damage. The aim being to to see if it could be settled in cash by the other driver without resorting to the dreaded insurance companies. At an estimated £490 the answer was no, so I notified the other driver and called my insurers to report the accident. All fine so far. Later in the day I received an unsolicited call from a mobile crash repair company requesting an appointment to call and repair my vehicle at the roadside. This would include respraying, drying, body repairs et al. I expressed surprise at this being possible, but was assured that its happens all the time and my insurance company had authorised the repair. I replied that I hadn't even had a form to complete as yet and I wasn't about to let them loose on my 12 month old Mazda. Does anyone know if this is a scam or am I just getting even more cynical as I get older?
Authorised Repair??? - Cymrogwyllt
I tend to treat any unasked for offers with extreme caution whatever the source
Authorised Repair??? - Chris M
Not a scam.

And why would you need a form to complete? They went out with the Ark.

Who are you insured with ?

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Authorised Repair??? - smokie
I agree re forms. My Vectra was written off earlier this year (MoreTh Reply | Report as offensive | Link
Authorised Repair??? - L'escargot
...... repair my vehicle at the roadside. This would include respraying .........

If they meant literally at the roadside, what about all the dust being churned up by passing traffic sticking to the paintwork?
Authorised Repair??? - Chris M
They use a specially designed 'gazebo'.
Authorised Repair??? - bell boy
They use a specially designed 'gazebo'.

>>>>>>>how do they stop the fly getting through and sticking on your new paint though?
as theres always a fly of some sort ,P(