Small Car Advice Reqd - BobbyG
My sister has asked for my assistance in picking a new car for her. Which is fine in the winter but not in lovely weather like this! Better things to do with my time! :)

Anyway, she currently has a C3 diesel, is looking to give this to her daughter and trade her daughter's 10 year old 206 in under the scrappage scheme. Realises this means new car will be in daughter's name until she can change to her own. Hubby has a Fiat Doblo diesel and that is the main family car for trips, taking the dog etc.

She uses her own car predominantly for going to and from work , 20 miles each way most of which is motorway. Due to it being a "necessity" purchase for work, she is wanting to make it as cheap as possible to buy and to run.

Initially she is looking at 107 / C1 / Aygo and Panda. She does not want to go as big as Corsa, Punto etc as she perceives that to be more than she needs.

Ideally she wants another diesel but that I think would narrow it to C1 or Panda.

I have given her advice that in this size of cars, some of the petrols are very economical. I think C1 petrol is about 62mpg, diesel 68 mpg (but not sure what real life economy is).Also, I would prefer a bigger car for safety on motorway.

Anyone any real life experience of any of the above or having to make a similar decision? How does real life petrol vs diesel costs work out? I am also not convinced that the scrappage scheme would work out cheaper than buying say a demonstrator or nearly new model?

Any thoughts appreciated
Small Car Advice Reqd - Paul G1pdc
as you pretty much said yourself...."also not convinced that the scrappage scheme "
the 206 is an ideal first car like the ford KA there cheap to insure and good mpg, every young lad and girl are looking for those, and will sell like hot cakes. I would think even for a 10 year old one you wouldn't have any problems selling it for more than 1000.
and the other 1000 you'll be able to haggle about...
petrol or oil burner, an old work friend came across the same situation he had been driving a 1.1 fiesta in and out of London (almost the same mpg as the diesel and cheaper to buy) but in the end after the 1.1 fell apart he gave one a try and loved it, the extra torque he had at motorway speeds made it a lot more relaxing to drive where as the 1.1 petrol had run out of puff at 70mph and would slow down on the hills..
Good luck choosing a car and have fun . I drive 50miles per day and 70% of that is national speed limit dual carriageway (The rest being single track back roads) the next size up would be what I would be looking for,,,the thought of a c1 when i'm traveling up the A43 with wacking great work great, can't beat a small car in the town easy to park and nippy..but long distance....(your planning 40mile round trips..)What about the new fiesta/ibiza/
Small Car Advice Reqd - Harleyman
If her daughter's car is registered in her daughter's name, it is only the daughter who will be able to benefit. Car due to be scrapped must be registered to the person buying the new car for at least 12 months.
Small Car Advice Reqd - rtj70
Bobby knows this and has said the car will be in the daughter's name until it can be changed. They will also know it will go down as an additional registered keep.

I take it the plan is for the daughter to get the car in her name and later it will be re-registered in the mother's name.
Small Car Advice Reqd - Harleyman
Thanks; memo to self, read OP properly!

I'm looking at this as well with wifey's 98 Fiat Punto; I rather fancy the C1 (I normally dislike Citroens but it seems this one's actually a Toyota!) but I'm tempted to think that the Fiat 500 might be a better buy in terms of residual values. Initial cost for the basic model is about a grand higher than the Suzuki Alto which I also considered, but I do love the 500's styling and especially the cabin layout.
Small Car Advice Reqd - daveyjp
If C1 residual values concern you buy an Aygo instead.

Have a look on Autotrader for what these are on the forecourt at at three years old.

Plenty like ours with higher milage are on sale for £5.5-6k, not bad for a car which only cost £7k 2.5 years ago.
Small Car Advice Reqd - MVP
If the new car is going to be in your daughters name, but your wife is going to be commuting in the car, I don't think any insurance company would cover you. i.e your daughter is "fronting" the insurance for your wife.

Small Car Advice Reqd - daveyjp
No probs getting insurance - fronting is insuring in your naem as main driver, adding a high risk driver who then drives it most of the time without you informing the insurance company.

Quotation systems ask who is the owner and who is the main driver to allow you to cover such a situation as the OP.

Small Car Advice Reqd - BobbyG
Just an update on this, have just spent half an hour on phone contacting Citroen . Peugeot / Toyota dealers.

Have ruled out the diesel option - the extra cost cannot be justified, doing 15000 miles a year I reckon diesel would save £100 at the most on fuel figures.

Her criteria was electic windows and ipod/mp3 connection. That was about it. Interestingly, both Citroen (C1 VTR) and Peugeot (107 Urban) were exactly £6445 after the scrappage allowance. This is the minimum spec to satisfy her criteria of electric windows.

However Toyotas Aygo+ is £6045 after the same £2000 scrappage allowance, £400 cheaper than the C1 and 107 which , I must admit, surprised me. In fact she can get an Aygo Blue for £6695 which will also have air con, metallic blue paint and bluetooth!

If she insists on going ahead with this plan then I think it is down to which Aygo she wants. Personally speaking I think her whole decision making on this is a bit strange and she should just keep her own C3 and her daughter keeps the 206!

Interestingly none of the delaers were able to offer any extra incentives even though I made it clear I was phoning round them all. It may be there could be a clincher if you were sitting on the other side of the table from them though..
Small Car Advice Reqd - daveyjp
Our local Toyota dealer was happy to see us walk out of the door when they couldn't do us a decent deal. Margins on these cars are tiny so don't expect a massive discount.

A call to drivethedeal may be worthwhile to see if the scrappage can be applied to their prices. A 3 door Aygo+ with a retail of £8044 (assume same as you are looking for) is available through them for £6848, if scrappage can be applied thats £4,848. You can add aircon for £490.

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Small Car Advice Reqd - BobbyG
Davey thanks for that, didn't realise they would take part in scrappage deal.
Their blurb for a Toyota is £1700 scrappage.

taking the Aygo+, their price is £6848 (assuming you take dealer finance), minus £1700 equals £5148 which is approx £1k less than dealer price which is quite amazing. If they don't take finance they have to add £500. Blurb says only valid on cars ordered and delivered by 8 June so maybe a bit unrealistic there! Especially as the dealers I spoke to told me there were none of these in the supply chain and looking at 4-6 weeks delivery!
Small Car Advice Reqd - stunorthants26
Suzuki Alto/Nissam Pixo?
Small Car Advice Reqd - BobbyG
Stu, don't think she would go with either of them, certainly not the Suzuki. Not exactly renowned for building great cars, whether that is a correct perception or not.
Agree it looks good but Toyota certainly better name / reputation?
Small Car Advice Reqd - stunorthants26
>>Stu, don't think she would go with either of them, certainly not the Suzuki. Not exactly renowned for building great cars, whether that is a correct perception or not.<<

Thats quite funny, especially given that they are one in the same car. Have you read a road test, HJ's even? Ive not heard anything bad about Suzuki tbh.
Small Car Advice Reqd - daveyjp
"Especially as the dealers I spoke to told me there were none of these in the supply chain and looking at 4-6 weeks delivery"

Drive the deal only deal with a few Toyota dealers - it was only three UK wide. These dealers may be the only ones who can access the cars advertised.

Still worth a call!
Small Car Advice Reqd - BobbyG
Davey, have completed one of their online forms, didn't fill in credit card details so it becomes and enquiry so we will see what they come up with!

If they only deal with 3 Toyota dealers though the chance of anyof them being in Scotland are slim . . . mmm!
Small Car Advice Reqd - daveyjp
When we bought ours we were told one was in Scotland, but as you know it's a big place!
Small Car Advice Reqd - rtj70
When we bought ours we were told one was in Scotland, but as you know it's a big place!

But likely to be near either Edinburgh or Glasgow I would have thought. I wonder if there are any other acceptable cars via drive the deal she'd be interested in? Although the logic behind the whole decision does not make sense to me either. They are not saving £2000 they are spending around £6000.
Small Car Advice Reqd - BobbyG
Exactly, she is giving up a 53 Reg C3 Diesel because "its starting to cost money", giving this to daughter who is lucky to drive 5k miles at the most, and trading in the 206 for the cheapest car that she can use to travel 20 miles each way along the M8 each working day.

I bet if I posted a question about "what 5 year old car would be suitable to do this run and be economical and cheap to run", one of the answers would be a C3 diesel!!

But woman + cars + logic don't mix!
Small Car Advice Reqd - rtj70
The logic certainly is not there. Assuming the 206 + £5k gets the new car, there's also the matter of giving away the C3 which must be worth around £2500. So all in all to save some money on the C3 repair costs she's spending £7.5k plus the 206. And the daughter now has the C3 that's starting to cost money anyway so that problem never went away. And if there was a problem the mother would probably be paying for it anyway....

I bet the 206 isn't unreliable either.

Removed an incorrect k from the end of £2500 ;-), Rob

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Small Car Advice Reqd - BobbyG
Rob, agree with every word you are saying, especially who will pay for any C3 costs in the future!
Small Car Advice Reqd - BobbyG
Well DtD have phoned back in relation to my enquiry, the price is correct but would be 13 weeks order time as "it would be a factory order".

Will pass all this info onto my sister now.....
Small Car Advice Reqd - gmac
Edit: Just re-read the thread and see its been covered

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Small Car Advice Reqd - BobbyG
Just to give a slight update - my sister has finally saw sense after much persuasion re her thinking about the whole deal.

She is now going to "scrappage" the 206 and trade the C3 in for an Aygo Blue (currently 14-16 week delivery time.)

Visiting 3 dealers to see who gives the best deal on the C3 assuming everything else is the same and will order tomorrow (I hope!)