Help with choosing roof bars please - tawse

I am looking for a pair of roof bars and have more or less narrowed the choice down to the two below. I simply want the bars for carrying my surfboard as I doubt I will carry anything heavier.

The two choices are: (links to Roofbox website)

and: (links to Direct 4x4 website)

Can some of your people more experienced in choosing roof bars take a look and give me your views on them?



Edited to make first link a shorter, TinyURL one... so did both for consistency.

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Help with choosing roof bars please - doctorchris
They both look pretty neat.
I would go with the cheaper set simply from an economical viewpoint.
Help with choosing roof bars please - tawse
Oops, forgot about the tiny url thing. Sorry... Got excited... sun is out, need roof bars for surfboard...

Thanks to whoever changed the links...