04 1.3 Lambda woes!! - Old & Disgruntled
Hi all, need some advice.

I brought a secondhand rx8 from a mazda dealer under their ZZ scheme last feb. (34, 000 miles, full serv hist, 192 bhp)

Essentially in Aug 08 the engine warning light flashes up on the dashboard and local dealer diagnoses lambda/oxygen sensor fault and replaces it for free under my 1 year extended warranty.

In Jan 09, same story again, another dealer replaces another oxygen sensor for free.

In May 09, guess what??? Yes you guessed it!! Another dealer diagnoses oxygen sensor fault, the warranty has expired so they want to bill me £350 for sensor plus labour plus VAT!!

So this is my scenario, I have a few questions about what I should do.....

a) I have confirmed by speaking to all 3 garages that the same pre catalytic sensor has failed 3 times in 10 motnhs...why??, mileage has been no more than 11,000 miles in that time??

b) yes i do drive the car enthusiasticly but only when warm, is this normal?

c) why is my mazda dealer saying to me that anything repaired under their extended warranty scheme carries no warranty what so ever and that that when the warranty expires i am liable for full costs, is that fair or nonesense?

d) should i expect an offering from mazda, i.e. push for whole payment or partial or are they likely to shaft me!

Any ideas would be most appreaciated!!!!
04 1.3 Lambda woes!! - Robin the Technician
Irrespecive of whether the ZZ warranty has expired, goods must be of merchantable quality. To say 'NO' warranty expired is passing the buck. Get hold of the service manager of your repairing Mazda garage and put your case to him. Ask him to contact Mazda direct on your behalf. If you get no success then write to Mazda with your complaint and ask them if they think its fair you should pay for their substandard products. Manufacturers need all the friends they can get, so don't be fobbed off - keep on at them even if they continue to say 'no'.
If all else fails you could get a Lambda sensor from a place like Partco and get an indepenent garage to fit it - the costs will be considerably lower.

Hope this helps

04 1.3 Lambda woes!! - bell boy
lamdas on these are unique i understand
i also read its a fueling issue and the cats are prone to breakage
sorry dont know any more
04 1.3 Lambda woes!! - jc2
IIRC these motors do not use a Lambda sensor as such(a Lambda-(H)EGO sensor only shows if the calibration is rich or weak) but a much more expensive device which checks the amount of richness/weakness.Was there ever a 1.3 RX8??
04 1.3 Lambda woes!! - Old & Disgruntled
Believe it or not, the engine management light on the dashboard has now dissappeared and has stayed off for the last 3 days.

Spoke to my local trusted private mechanic who feels the problem may just be an intermittent connection problem rather than a genuiene sensor problem, it would explain why 3 sensors have "apparently" failed in 1 year. He'll take a look at the car with a view to a wiring issue, hopefully should sort the problem...

Will let you know what my mechanic finds.

Oh by way in response to the last contributor, yes the RX8 does a have lamba sensors, pre and post cat as confirmed by mazda and anyone with a "basic" knowledge of exhaust systems, and yes the engine displacement in an RX8 amounts to 1.3 litres due to 2 rotor chambers each with a capacity of 650 cc ish, ..... ooops didn't mean to highlight your double ignorances on these matters......

04 1.3 Lambda woes!! - mjm
>>ooops didn't mean to highlight your double ignorances on these matters......<<

Then why do it? You asked for any suggestions in your first post, some were made. jc2 also asked a genuine question about the displacement of the engine.

If you are so darned smart why couldn't you diagnose the the problem and fix it yourself?
04 1.3 Lambda woes!! - Dynamic Dave
ok, lets calm things down before I ask someone sit on the naughty step.

DD. BR Moderator.

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04 1.3 Lambda woes!! - jc2
The swept volume of this Wankel engine is 3,900cc. which ties in well with the consumption and emissions of this engine.The bhp is low for an engine of this size due probably to the inducton/exhaust passages.Insurance companies usually add 50% to the capacity when calculating their premiums for Wankel-engined vehicles-in competition this equivalence factor is usually much higher.
04 1.3 Lambda woes!! - Number_Cruncher
To go just a little further, calculating the capacity of a wankel engine is subject to some creative accounting. Most proponents of Wankels will always quote the lowest cc figure, when the performance of the engine looks stunning, but the fuel economy poor. Quoting the higher cc makes the economy look reasonable, but, the performance poor.

The OP again missed the subtlety of the point made by jc2 about the lambda sensors being linear or wideband devices rather than the more normal non-linear type.
04 1.3 Lambda woes!! - jc2
Thank you-both N_C and mjm.