The Game - gmac
Volvo have been working with SimBin a Swedish gaming company to create a free to download game for Volvo as written about this weekend in the Telegraph.

It is to promote the new Volvo S60 due next year giving the opportunity to 'drive' the car around a pair of tracks. They have also included some previous model Volvo's to drive too.

The Game is ready for download at (Volvocars website)

The download is 588Mb and requires the following hardware to run, minimum 128Mb graphics card though 512Mb is recommended and 2Gb RAM is also required. XP or Vista though support of Vista is limited.

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The Game - Rattle
Looks ok for free, the graphics are a bit dated but I suppose they had to fit in a 500mb download. Will download it later.
The Game - ablandy
doesnt look dated to me. Maybe not as swish as some of the console games. But this is a pc game!

Simbin have a very good pedigree of producing good driving/racing simulations, not arcadey stuff.

Am downloading it now and will probably update later on - anything to avoid the footie!
The Game - gmac
I don't normally play games on my PC but ran it maxed graphics (I have an HD3650 card) and with the 5.1 surround sound I thought it pretty impressive for a freebie.
Just need to get a steering wheel now as driving simulators are a bit of a handful on a keyboard.

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