97 1.2 Petrol smell under rear arch - Babygotoo

My 1149cc recently passed its MOT no issues, within a few weeks i started noticing a petrol smell from the rear of the car.

It only seems to happen after a journey of any length and the smell appears to come from the rear arch by the filler cap, no leaking or losing petrol is evident, visible fuel pipes seem ok and dry.

The smell is not evident within 30 mins of journey ending, fuel pump or fuel filter attached to tank is dry.

Anyone experience any filler neck problem with this car.


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97 1.2 Mk1 Ph3 Petrol smell under rear arch - Babygotoo
The problem has got worse and found to be a leaking hose on the in-tank fuel pump accessed under the rear seat.

After fiddling with the offending hose it came off in my hand with part of the pump fitting still in it. I managed to replicate this feat whilst trying to get the other hose off in preparation for the replacement pump.

Can anyone tell me the correct name for these type of fittings and how do you get them off without damaging anything.

The pump has a 2 fuel hose, one vent pipe and one pin plug arrangement.


97 1.2 Mk1 Ph3 Petrol smell under rear arch - bell boy
Can anyone tell me the correct name for these type of fittings ---------------crap?

they go brittle with age so if replacing with s/h be very careful
boiling kettle water is a good free-er of pipes in this situation as a heat gun might be a big no no
97 1.2 Mk1 Ph3 Petrol smell under rear arch - Babygotoo
good description, the replacement pump, which has a broken fitting, had the original pipes cut off rather than the connector taken off the fitting, I now know why.

Would it be better to carefully cut the remainder of the old fuel pipes off and insert my fuel line on to the already connected fitting, using fairy liquid or oil as lubricant to try and eliminate me breaking another fitting.

Hope that makes sense?

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Cutting fuel lines - Babygotoo
anyone please?
Cutting fuel lines - bell boy
i guessed you would have just gone for it?
if you have bought second hand then its a caveat umpar situation
the fairly liquid/duck oil etc is a good idea as is cutting and shutting,basically you are in there with the sweat dripping and deciding which cable to cut so you really have to make the decision

good luck your countries behind you
please turn the lights off when you leave :-)
Cutting fuel lines - Babygotoo
well, I am on my third part which now appears to be the correct one, all the attachments are still connected, I took apart a fuel pipe connector on broken part that i could keep and the fitting seems to have a solid metal ring that grips one way. I have dug out the pieces of broken plastic pipe from my fittings so I still have options.

So, I tried softening a piece of fuel line off the broken part in hot water, no difference, it stayed quite hard. I'm now worried that if cut my fuel lines and try and insert them on to the nozzles on the replacement parts fuel connector nozzles i'll hit trouble.

Has anyone got experience of getting these type of fittings off a clio fuel sender/pump before i make a hash of it!