Estimate 6 weeks. Take 7 and a half months! - fixingit
Can anyone beat this? Had the car inspected by a 'specialist' up in {8< Snip - although you've not named them I'm sure their name would be easy enough to find, hence the removal as part of this forum's 'no naming/shaming' policy}. Told me the car would take 6 weeks to repair and gave me a price. Got it back (well took it back) seven and a half months later, unfinished and with a lot of the work badly done and needing redoing. Had some sbits removed from the car too while it was in there without permission too. Final bill to get it out was over £3,000 more than told too with no updates or warning that it had changed?

Just goes to show you should choose a mechanic carefully! Some cowboys out there.

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