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02 1.4 Intermittent Juddering & Severe Power Loss - ShubZ
My C3 has an intermittent problem that is proving incredibly difficult to diagnose. I have taken it to a Citroen dealer and after two days there and a bill for over £100 they were unable to work out what was wrong.

The car has two issues which I am unsure as to whether they are related:

1. On mild to heavy acceleration the car jolts, with revs temporarily dropping for a second (almost as if the car is stalling) and then recovering. This problem was occurring quite regularly, however now it appears to be less frequent - occurring maybe as little as once a week now. It tended to occur on shorter journeys of up to about half an hour, whilst the car was warming to full running temperature.

2. On a couple of occasions I have been travelling on a dual-carriageway when the car has suddenly lost power to the extent that it slows to a halt. There is no response from the engine when the accelerator is depressed, however if I turn off the ignition leave it 30 seconds and restart the problem has disappeared.

I have not had an engine warning light come on on the dashboard at any point.

As mentioned I took it to a Citroen garage and they found some faults logged as follows:
Camshaft signal Loss of Synchronisation
Turbo pressure signal incoherence when stationary
Brake switch signal incorrect value recieved
Diesel high pressure regulation circuit maximum rail pressure exceeded

Whilst test-driving the car with the diagnostic equipment running there were no errors reported when the intermittent problem was experienced. Can anyone help, as I am loathe to let them do further 'testing' at £54 an hour!?

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02 1.4 Intermittent Juddering & Severe Power Loss - trytofixit
Hi, had a very similar problem last year on a c3, turned out to be a faulty injector. citroen replced them all under warrenty and it has been fine ever since. very hard to find out as intermitant. but had the same simptums. electronics for you?
02 1.4 Intermittent Juddering & Severe Power Loss - ShubZ
I suggested to them that it could be a problem with the EGR system, based on another post I have seen on this forum.

It has been disconnected and thus far I have not had the severe power loss occur again, however the more minor problem is still there.

My car is not under warranty so any idea how much new injectors would cost or if its a difficult job to do? As a novice is it something I could do myself?
02 1.4 Intermittent Juddering & Severe Power Loss - parcher

I had a similar problem on a Berlingo 1.4 petrol 2001. Fluctuating revs and cutting out during warm-up and at idle speeds. And intermittent power choking during running, particularly mid-range on accelerating after cruising, such as through a speed limit area. It felt like a problem with fuel delivery or fuel/air mixture.

I checked the vacuum hosing and air filter, and changed the fuel filter: no difference.

Attention shifted to engine control. A mechanic tried a new inlet manifold air pressure (MAP) sensor. This seemed to make some difference to the warm-up and cut-out problems, but the mid-range choking persisted. And I now think the improvement was coincidence.

I kept trying: cleaning and checking sensor plugs and sockets, wiring, the ECU plugs. Throughout this period, the weather was warmish to warm, and the problem was mainly with the intermittent choking in mid-range; warm-up wasn't too bad.

Then on the first cold morning this autumn, the warm-up problem returned: wild rev fluctuations and cut-outs from the start. It had to be related to external air temperature. I pushed open the flap and brushed the inlet air temperature sensor with meths. Bingo. Total cure. The thing just had a layer of greasy grime, and the ECU had been unable to cope with its readings. Quite possibly, the MAP sensor had just needed a clean too.

Lesson: old cars have dirty inlet manifolds.

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