05 1.4 Oil leak from head - Lgd
My partner has a C4 hatchback purchased new in November 2005.

The car has done just under 25000 miles and has been serviced by the dealer in accordance with the required schedule.

We noticed an oil leak on Tuesday so she took it into a local independent garage to get it checked out to be told there is an oil leak from the head. The repair cost quoted is £595 + VAT for parts and labour.

We have contacted Citroen customer service with a view to getting a contribution towards the repair and they have advised booking it into a dealer to be checked out ? sadly the original dealer it was purchased from is long defunct.

Once this has been done they can consider a contribution towards the cost of repair. We have a reference number to give to the dealer for them to follow up with Citroen.

The car is obviously out of warranty (6 months) but would it be considered by the panel here that this kind of failure is acceptable at this stage of the vehicle?s life?

The car is now booked in for a peek next Wednesday. The dealer is unaware of ever seeing an issue like this on a C4.

How far do people believe we should be able to push this?
05 1.4 Oil leak from head - MVP
The car had a three year guarantee, and the car is three and a half years old, so I don't think you have a case.

If you took a 14 month old TV back, and it had a 12 month guarantee, what do you think the retailer would say?

05 1.4 Oil leak from head - Lgd
Thanks for the friendly advice.

However for some useful advice I approached my home insurers legal helpline and they advised I would have a strong case to ask for a contribution towards any repair.

So the car went into the dealership yesterday after I had made contact with Citroen direct.

Citroen and the dealer are offering to pay for 60% of the cost of the repair.

My advice to anyone in our position is to state your case in a friendly but assertive manner.

The absence or lapsing of a warranty does not invaklidate your legal rights to a product of merchantable quality.
05 1.4 Oil leak from head - bathtub tom
>>If you took a 14 month old TV back, and it had a 12 month guarantee, what do you think the retailer would say?

I can guess, but it would have no bearing on whether it was 'fit for purpose' and of merchantable quality - at least according to some of the consumer programs I hear.
05 1.4 Oil leak from head - bell boy
those 1.4 engines always leak on the front nearside,to be honest i think £595 is a liberty
to put a new gasket on
an independant would do it for a smidgeon of that
05 1.4 Oil leak from head - Lgd
The £595 was a quote from an independent garage.

It's since been into the dealer.

The repair is going to be carried out by them and the cost to us will be £150.
05 1.4 Oil leak from head - piston power
You get nowhere shouting at folk you did the best thing, that head will or should be skimmed & new valve stem oil seals should get fitted do ask if they are, the original will be ok but while it's off its a small job.

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