99 1.8 Flywheel Damage? - Mondy Man
Hi Guys,

Had a new clutch in my Mondeo at 90k, now on 95k and starting to get some loud vibrations between 30 - 60 Mph. The noise changes with speed and does not dissapear when taken out of gear, or when the clutch pedal is depressed.

It does seem to get louder if you use the gears when slowing down.

The virbration is causing a rattle in the back of the speedo, which I think is connected to the fly wheel?

This has led me to think that it could be a damaged fly wheel . . . .

Any ideas would be appreciated, and maybe a rough cost? (guessing it will be expensive!)


99 1.8 Flywheel Damage? - RichardW
If it's not engine speed related, it's not the flywheel. I would be looking for an out of round tyre first, then thinking about wheel bearings / CV joints. I had trouble once where play in track rod end was amplifying vibrations from a slightly out of balance of front tyre - took me ages to figure it out!
99 1.8 Flywheel Damage? - Peter.N.
I would agree. If its coming from the engine you would be able to reproduce it stationary by reving the engine.


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