New 1.2 style - sunroof noise & possible leak - AtoB
Hello, I got a new i10 today (yes under the scrappage scheme) but I've got two worries about it.

First, when I checked the car over I noticed a small mark on the fabric trim by the sunroof edge that could have been a dirty thumbprint or a sign of a leak (there were some other similar marks on upper boot trim). I pointed these out to the dealer (who I think has a good reputation), asking for them to be noted in the sales invoice. The dealer said they'd valet it and if the marks returned and it did turn out to be due to water, they'd sort it under warranty.

Unfortunately, as the dealer was snowed under with sales from car scrappage and it was near the end of the day, they asked if I could return when it was quieter for the valet and also, they'd had problems printing out the invoices so aside from my card receipt, all I've got is a handwritten note scribbled on a compliment slip mentioning the marks and confirming I've paid in full (so hopefully no dodgy extra admin fee!!! - yes I know this all sounds dodgy and as I did go along with a 'checklist' to avoid getting fobbed off by any potential dodgyness, I am amazed that I accepted this - but as they are proper dealers and were obviously very busy and with the car scrappage scheme being a bit of an admin. nightmare, I reluctantly accepted what they said).

Unfortunately, I've just checked the car after a real downpour and I think that the sunroof mark is slightly moist so I'm fearing that despite going for the supposed 'worry-free' new car, I've got a leaky dud. :-(

Second - on the drive home from the dealer I opened the sunroof fully (it was sunny at that time) but when the car got to 20mph, an unbearable vibration noise started coming from the front edge of the sunroof. Has anyone else had or heard of this problem with the i10 Style sunroof?

It was so bad that I didn't check what happened at higher speeds but hope to do this when the weather is better. I may also adjust the aerial angle or remove it altogether to see if that is the cause. If the noise doesn't go away I'm not sure what to do.

I've never bought new or under warranty before so any advice on how to approach the dealer about these problems would be much appreciated.


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New 1.2 style - sunroof noise & possible leak - doctorchris
I've had this kind of noise from open sunroofs on other cars and the solution I found was to open a front window, just a fraction.
Can't help with specifics regarding the i10 as I've never had one.
New 1.2 style - sunroof noise & possible leak - Chrome
I had a Citroen ZX with a sunroof. When fully open that too made a thrumming noise, it had the option of being tilt opened with the back bit being raised - that was Ok and my preferred option.

Car leak - chuck it back at the dealer right now whilst it is still brand spanking new, at least the current inclement weather has highlighted this problem whilst the car is still 'virgin' so to speak.
New 1.2 style - sunroof noise & possible leak - Bill Payer
despite going for the supposed 'worry-free' new car....

Perhaps it's a sign of how much cars have improved since the 70/80/90's, that 3 of our "familiy fleet" are at the age where I'd normally be changing them but as there's nothing wrong with them, it's the risk of possible hassle with a new car that is putting me off changing them!
New 1.2 style - sunroof noise & possible leak - Mchenry
Every sliding sunroof I've seen has a deflector across the front edge which pops up when the roof opens. I once had terrible buffeting (on a Fiat) until I realised that the deflector was not coming up because it was stuck in some sealing compound around the front edge.
New 1.2 style - sunroof noise & possible leak - bell boy
good point Mchenry or if it doesnt then you can usually buy one of the internet made of acrylic or something similar that clips in,its for this very reason i never open mine and still miss my cloth webasto on my capri
New 1.2 style - sunroof noise & possible leak - AtoB
Thanks for all your replies/suggestions.

My 14 year old Micra sunroof didn't make a sound when fully open but it did have a deflector (and a side aerial).

When the noise appeared on thw i10 I had a quick feel for a deflector but couldn't feel one - when it's dry again, will check properly to see if there is one and if it's stuck - as the noise is horrendous even at that low speed - something's definately hit resonance & you couldn't drive it with that noise.
If the noise doesn't go away it seems like a fault - but it's whether it's just on this particular car or on all i10 Styles.

I'm still undecided whether the mark is a water mark or just dirt as it's hard to tell if I'm imagining that it feels damp. I'll check it with a tissue after the next downpour and if it is wet, go back to dealer to fix.

Cheers again for advice.

New 1.2 style - sunroof noise & possible leak - AtoB
P.S. I will also try having the windows open a crack.
New 1.2 style - sunroof noise & possible leak - AtoB
Good news! - the sunroof is now silent - having changed the aerial angle I checked to see if there was a deflector - there was, it was up but it still had the protective plastic film on it and so with that removed there seems to be no problem :-)
The little things eh?

Thanks again.

New 1.2 style - sunroof noise & possible leak - Happy Blue!
And you feel so much better about the car now as well don't you. I know I would. I'll bet the stain by the sunroof is simialrly inoccuous as well. The i10 is a well built little car that has been coming off the lines for over a year, so I am sure it is unlikely to be a leak - more likely a local mechanic doing the PDI has got his mitts on it.


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