97 1.8 Coolant Bubbling - damy
Hi please can some one help? My 318I touring becomes normal tempretaure very quickly. If I am in traffic for10 mins tha guage rises and it ould possibly overheat if i didnt put the blowers on or switch off!!
I though it may be an airlock so i took off the rad cap and ran the engine. It bubbled and it bubbled and it bubbled, for a good 10 mins. In the end i switched off by which time alot of the water had gone. It has been using water but not huge amounts!!! Is this my head gasket on way and if so what is the verdict on these quick fix potions??

Many Thanks

97 1.8 Coolant Bubbling - Peter.N.
I'm afraid it sounds like the head gasket, there is no real cure other than changing it. At least your engine is the right way round, a lot easier to work on than a front wheel drive!
97 1.8 Coolant Bubbling - damy
thanks mate, though not good news, here goes £300!!!!! appreciate your swift response.