01 1.8 Intermittent ABS/ESP warning lights on 4x4 - bill@ham
These warning lights (which come on together) typically come on after I have travelled for some time or distance. They go out when I switch off the ignition, but usually come back on again after a shorter interval of time. If repeated, this time interval gets shorter and shorter, until the lights re-appear as soon as the engine is restarted. If the car is not driven again for some while, say until the next day, the time/distance interval reverts to the much longer period, and some days these lights don't come back on at all. Neither the ABS, nor the 4-wheel drive, function when these lights are on.

My garage tells me that the system code says the fault lies in the longitudinal yawl sensor. This has been replaced (along with the G-sensor with which it is fitted), but the fault remained. Since then the associated wiring has been tested and new connectors fitted, and the system 're-adapted' by a Skoda dealer. But the fault remains, and the system code is still saying the problem is with the yawl sensor!

I would appreciate any help in solving this problem (which may bear some relationship to that of octa posted under "1.6 Intermittent ASR warning light").

01 1.8 Intermittent ABS/ESP warning lights on 4x4 - hm
I would a) target a ABS sensor..b) ECU sensor.....

Call BBAReman or similar.. :0)
01 1.8 Intermittent ABS/ESP warning lights on 4x4 - Dave_TD
I know it's not quite the same model but my '01Y Octavia 1.9SDi Classic had the ABS unit replaced through a manufacturer's recall, see CBCB:


due to the electronics being too close to the exhaust manifold on RHD models with only ABS but not ESP, they would get too hot after prolonged running and start to report errors, although the CBCB puts it thus:

10/5/2002: 2,995 Octavias recalled because electrical fault in ABS ECU could cause overheating, possibly even leading to fire damage.

It sounds like your problem is related to heat build-up. My car was one of the first to suffer as it was an early phase II mark I model and I did a ridiculous amount of mileage in a very short time, the problem started to manifest itself at around 45,000 miles but it took the dealer until 75,000 to finally cure it. I was doing 100,000 miles a year however :-)

Dave TD.