96 1.5 Has the head gasket gone - chindu
Hi Everyone,

My Dad has a 106 1.5D which is losing coolant. It has only lost 1/4L of coolant over ~2000 miles / 3 months so doesn't seem to be too bad - yet.
It seems to be coming out of either the head gasket or the vaccum pump(?) at the thermostat housing end.

We're currently thinking it is the head gasket that's gone. No emulsion in the coolant so it looks as though it's not getting into the cylinders.
Engine starts instantly as well and no smoke.

Still getting 55-60mgp on a run.

Is there anything else it could be?
96 1.5 Has the head gasket gone - dagenham car center
what,can you see where the coolant is coming out?
headgaskets usually pressurise the cooling system when they go on these cars.
the join between head and water housing is only silicon sealer its quite possible that this has failed,its not and expensive fix,just remove,clean,reseal and thats it.
96 1.5 Has the head gasket gone - chindu
I've got a couple photos if they help:


Just to check are you talking about the housing attached to the right of the head that the vaccum for the master cylinder comes off of?



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