Honda Accord 2.4i EX Auto driving experiences - chipper
Hi Everyone,

I currently own the outgoing Honda Accord Sport GT (2.2 i-CTDi) and am thinking of changing it for the following reasons:
1. The suspension is too harsh for most of the time and makes urban driving, which is what I do mostly, knackering
2. I've never been able to get used to the brakes, they always feel as though there's not enough resistance in them which sometimes leads to them feeling very on or off at low speeds (i.e. its hard to brake progressively). I've had this checked by the dealer who insists that they are within specification
3. My wife would like an Auto

I've recently test driven a 2.4 EX auto accord (outgoing model) and on the surface my problems are solved, however, I'm worried that the 2.4 feels gutless on the motorway by comparison and I've read stuff that seems to imply that the EX comes with a sports suspension, although the EX definitely felt softer on a test drive.

Has anyone had any experience of drive a 2.4i EX auto on the motorway for extended periods of time. Does it end up feeling like hard work because the 2.4 needs to be reved?

I know the answer to a lot of this is to test drive the car and I have done that but I'm still undecided and would like to hear from 2.4 EX auto drivers.

Any help will, as ever, be appreciated