93 1.4 Mk3 auxilliary drive belt!! - CH
Me again I'm afraid with my elderly (1993) Mk3! Can anyone out there advise how you're supposed to replace the auxiliary drive belt on a Mk3 with C14SE engine and power steering??? Haynes suggests removal of the RH engine mount, but doesn't cater for the power steering variant where the pump and the mount appear to be integrated! I've tried removing the two bolts holding the 'U' shaped outer engine bearing bush, but even with the RH side of the engine jacked up on that side on a trolley jack, there just isn't sufficient room to pass the old belt out between the top of the bearing and the underside of the chassis member (nor, of course the new one in). Its a bit frustrating cos having replaced the head gasket and timing belt, it would be nice to replace this belt also - which has been on there for more miles than I can remember (and the rubber 'ribs' show signs of cracking). Any help/suggestions would be very welcome!