93 1.3 - turns over but wont start - micra1275
Hiya recently purchased a nissan micra on a L reg, 1.3
really nice car untill the other day was going down a dual carriage way ant seeing what i could get out of it. basically putting my foot down.

then all of a sudden, a puff of black smoke out of exhuast and total loss of power.
car turns over fine but wont restart after that.

any ideas and help much appreciated

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93 1275 Micra turns over but wont start - bell boy
is there a spark?
does it sound poorly as you turn it over
consider taking the top timing chain cover off to see if the chain has broke
note to one self treat a 16 year old car like a fine lady ,you must caress it and treat it right or it will throw a tantrum,remember at this age they think they know the world