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My 03 1.4 ford fusion 2 has seemed sluggish and speedometer has stopped working on few occasions over last few months. It all started after a minor accident where damage seemed cosmetic but was repaired by autobody repair company and we mentioned the speedometer to them when we dropped car to them for repair and the lad said he'd have look at it. Car has been driving well other than that over last month, she even passed her NCT on Mon last.
Car was driving fine this morning but when leaving work she was more sluggish then ever before and EAC fail displayed on dash. I continued to drive home but after a few miles and after turning off engine at traffic lights she started to drive as normal.

Anyone any ideas? Are the problems with speedometer linked to EAC fail.
Could the accident have caused the problem?
Could the NCT tests have knocked something out of place or could excessive revving have caused the problem today if not connected to problem with speedometer

If she continues to drive well should i bring her to Ford garage for diagnostic testing or is this something that a competent mechanic could sort out

Any advice would really be appreciated

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03 1.4 EAC & Speedometer - Fordtom

Hi Long time ago I know but did you find a solution .. have the same prob thanks


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