02 2.2 rise and fall on front seats - RoyBlair
I have a problem with the electrical rise and fall facility on driver and passenger seat. Although there is a live feed to both motors and when the raise and lower switch is pressed the motor clicks and tries to operate, there is no movement on the drive spindle on either seat. This fault occurred at the same time on both seats and may possibly have been caused by my wife hoovering under the seats. However I have checked thoroughly underneath and can find no trace of any broken connection and as the motor attempts to drive and there is not a blown fuse in the circuit it appears that in some way the drive has been locked. It did occur to me that there might be some form of locking device that works in conjunction with the other safety locks which operate in the event of an accident.

I have spoken to 2 main dealers and 2 auto electricians who have not come up against this problem and have no idea what could cause it.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.

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02 2.2 rise and fall on front seats - bell boy
The reason you cant get any advise is that these people are frightened that you might stick your finger in and chop it off and they get sued
Personally i suggest you remove a seat and check the mechanical bit that crosses under the seat to raise it
Be aware you need to disconnect the battery first and will lose your radio code
Also be aware it might have mechanical pre tensioners and so will need these locking before removing the seat too
02 2.2 rise and fall on front seats - RoyBlair
Many thanks for the advice. Have tried that but still no joy. Have you any other ideas.
02 2.2 rise and fall on front seats - bell boy
sorry no
if you have the seat upturned and can see the mechanicals but cannot see what is wrong theres not a lot i can add
have you tried powering the seat with some bits of wire from a car battery? while upturned

be careful mind keep your fingers clear (i nearly cut my head off last week locking a car with a blipper and for some stupid reason sticking my head through the window not realising the blipper shut the windows too) i survived,the window stopped,good ole vauxhall