93 1.1 Starts and runs ok then cuts out when hot? - Rossco.p
Hi All

I have a little Pug 106 1.1XN 1993 which when cold starts first time and runs very well however after about 10 mins (ie when its hot) it then starts to cut out, then dies totally and cannot be restarted.

I removed one of the plugs when its hot and there was NO spark?
This model has a carb and not fuel injection.

I thought this problem might be the coil, but this has been replaced and the problem is the same, i have also checked the dizzy cap and rotor arm (these are by no means new but seem ok.. and seeing as it runs fine when cold didnt think this would be the cause? )

I dont want to start chucking money at it and buying new bits its just not worth it... has any one had the same problem or might beable to help me diagnose whats wrong??



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93 1.1 Starts and runs ok then cuts out when hot? - skreech
I would start by checking the air filter and then the choke to see if it has been left on, or stuck on if it is an automatic choke. hope this helps.