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08 3.0 towbar issues - lilolill
Have just got off the floor from fainting, Requested a quote from BMW dealer for the installation of a towbar inc electrics, it was £1300.00. On top of that they have now told me that all E70 X5 models require a new larger cooling fan to be installed when towing. This fitted is another £700.00. Surely having factory ordered the car we should be told that a retrofit towbar is going to cost you £2000.00 and not just £600.00 if factory fitted.
Also no where in a bmw x5 manual does it say that the car requires additional extras ( engine part upgrades ) to be able to tow a caravan other than the obvious towbar.Surely this makes the standard car not fit for towing purposes., even though it states towing weights.
Any body else had a similar experience.........

I have suggested to BMW that i could get a third party towbar fitted for around £500.00, but was then told that i would void the warrenty if i had engine problems caused by overheating due to the excess load caused by towing. This is why they insist that a larger capacity fan is installed, but why then is the current fan not replaced as part of a product recall. I need some advice on where to go next !!!!
08 3.0 towbar issues - bell boy
. I need some advice on
where to go next !!!!

>>>>>>>> back to the dealer with your cheque book i guess
in my opinion bm are only covering their watsits and have no control over what you will be pulling
i think putting towing weights in their sales speil is probably an eu requirement
have you considered what a job its going to be to bring your car up to towing spec and not show any damage on the car once dismantled and reinstated,fitting afterfit tow balls is a horrible job even on something new as its so easy to mark something

sorry i cant be more help
i sympathise with you but feel as you have now discovered that prior request on the sales order would have been the wise move
08 3.0 towbar issues - injection doc
I have fitted tow bars for years including electrics & I would certainly recommend you go with the genuine tow bar & especially the elctric kit.
If you fit non standard tow bar this gives the manufacture the get out clause they need should any thing go wrong.
I would certainly go by the advice for extra cooling, you can never have too much when towing.

My Jaguar tow bar & jag electrics kit cost me £500 but fitted them myself & then the service manager at the Jaguar dealer assured me if I had any electrical problems there would be no warranty just because I fitted them myself dispite being a qualified vehicle tech & sparky but they were going to charge £500 to fit & it only took me 2.5 hrs.
It was the last jag I bought & never went back to the that dealer for a service
I now have Freelander2 Auto & factory fit detachable bar & elecs was £350 fitted & extra large oil cooler for autobox is now standard.
I towed a twin axle 8m van through the Alps in Switzerland & down through the Ardech & back up over the Central Massiff no problems at all.
Vote with your feet & forget BMW. I hate the way BMW Audi Jaguar & Merc are so un helpfull & know how to bend the wallet.
The service I have recived from landrover from initial enquiry to purchase has been 2nd to none & a lot cheaper than Jag or BMW.
So what ever you do go by BMW's advice. From 07 onwards BMW have a new protocol on there can bus system & only BMW can tackle the electrics at present. Aftermarket electrics may cause you a huge issue.

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