Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - Di
I'm looking around to see what to buy once I've passed my practical test which hopefully won't be too long as I've left it later than most (I'm 46). I've been comparing CO2 emissions and safety charts as well as prices until my head spins but I feel most drawn toward the Hyundai i10 followed by the Suzuki Splash (although it's a bit expensive) or maybe even the Alto as I like the fact that it's got electronic stability control as standard.
Just wondering if anyone has had experience of one or more of these cars. It's basically just for my daughter and me (she's still at schol) for me to drive by myself for shopping and local errands and to pick up said daughter from friends' houses when it's late, that kind of thing. So mainly for use in London although I'd like to be able to drive us to visit family in Hertfordshire and Norwich or even take short holidays now and again. I've read some negative comments about luggage room in the i10 but wondered if it would fit the bill for the odd week away for daughter and self plus a couple of cases with the back seats down?
Of course if you've got any other suggestions I'd be very grateful too.
Many thanks!
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - bell boy
in the bigger picture i would choose the splash
hyundai make a big do of their warranty and im sure hj would say they are wonderful but i think (comment removed.)
ive always been a suzy fan they make good cars if a little bit tinny and if you are going to shoot it within 3 years your residuals should be reasonable,i also assume you havent got a lame goat to part exchange ahead of tomorrows damp budget on scrappage
so get down get with it and sign the papers
ps i would have prefered a ford but i like the sound of spalsh

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Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - stunorthants26
Its worth noting that Nissan have just launched their version of the Alto for £5995 - its great value and inexplicably £800 cheaper than the Alto.

We looked at the i10 but decided after long test drives that we much preferred our Daihatsu Sirion. We havent regretted it either, its a fab car.
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - Alanovich
Have a think about a Kia Rio - it probably has better luggage space than both of the cars you mention. I have just received a mailer from them promoting brand new 1.4 petrols at £6995, which seems like a good deal.
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - stunorthants26
The Rio has quite a small boot for the physical size of the car, it was one of our other options when buying the Sirion, but it has alot of plastic trim squaring off useable space.
Otherwise a nice enough car though, esp the diesel.
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - Di
Thanks very much everybody - I really appreciate your advice as all this car stuff is new to me, although I'm doing my best to research properly!
Somehow the Daihatsu Sirion had escaped my radar completely. Having checked it out on various websites it looks really nice and seems to have a lot going for it - also the price gets very reasonable indeed for a 1 to 2-year-old model. I think I'd be going for the 1.0 SE or S.
I've not ruled out the Suzuki splash but realistically I think it is a bit too expensive for me. I also took a look at the Kia Rio but I'm afraid, just my personal taste, it didn't really grab me.
The Hyundai i10 still remains among the prime contenders as there's something about it that I find really appealing - here too I wouldn't be going for brand new. So I guess it's going to be between the i10 and the Sirion.
I've just got to concentrate on my driving lessons now!
Thanks again and any further advice appreciated.
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - doctork
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - colinh
A well-known car magazine in last week's issue chose the i10 1.2 Classic as best of seven in that price range, with runners-up being Kia Picanto and Suzuki Alto
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - stunorthants26
Im not sure id ever take much notice of a car magazine.

I keep reading how wonderful the i10 is, but I have driven one and while it has a very sweet engine and nice interior packaging, I found the seats very hard, the steering had a rather odd feel to it and the ride which I keep reading is great seemed boneshakingly firm on Northants admittedly rutted and potholed roads, but surely a good ride would cope with this. We were on paper all set to buy one but didnt look back once having chosen the Sirion over it with its softer ride and more relaxed manner. It was also more spacious in useable area than anything else we looked at.

Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - seasiders rock
time to throw a spanner in the works.
sounds like a 1.2 Panda Dynamic is right up your street..
some stunning deals out there, cheap insurance, servicing, parts.
solid 3 year warranty, and believe it our not, well built.
have a test drive, your in for a surprise.
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - ifithelps
...The Hyundai i10 still remains among the prime contenders as there's something about it that I find really appealing...


All of these cars are tremendous little devices in their own way, including the Hyundai.

You've got to pay for this car, drive it and look after it.

You find the Hyundai 'really appealing', so I'd have thought the decision is made.

It's at least as good as anything else, so there's not much point looking any further unless you really want to.
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - stunorthants26
>>It's at least as good as anything else, so there's not much point looking any further unless you really want to.<<

Thats a terrible piece of advice. You should try every car that falls into requirements and budget, then weigh it up.
My partner and I actually spent an hour debating whether the Hyundai Getz or the Daihatsu Sirion would get our vote. We went through costs, the drive and how much we liked each aspect of the cars.
In the end it was a close run thing so we drew up a tickbox sheet with every aspect of the cars and simply ticked which we thought did each aspect better. In the end, while the Getz was very good in the areas that counted for us, we felt that in the areas that were key to us, the Sirion had a slight edge in nearly every aspect.
It is true to say though that gut instinct once you have all the facts and driving tests under your belt is a good indicator.
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - Rich320d
How about the Suzuki Swift? Its cheaper than the Splash, and bigger.
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - tintin01
I've been driving the OH's i10 whilst he has been away (don't usually get a go). I have been really impressed with how easy it is to drive, really light and nippy. I have to turn round in a cul-de-sac every morning and in my Primera it is often a 5 point turn with anxiety about bashing neighbours cars and walls. In the i10 it was so easy to manoeuvre around. I still think the ride is a bit harsh, though HJ thought it was good. I haven't really driven any small cars so I can't compare. friends have said how spacious it is inside for such a small car on the outside.

We got a deal through from Manchester Hyundai offering 3 years serving for £530, which we are thinking about. Not sure if this is available all over. It looks like a local deal, but it may be worth asking about if you end up choosing the Hyundai. £18 a month, no charge fror credit.
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - stunorthants26
>>We got a deal through from Manchester Hyundai offering 3 years serving for £530, which we are thinking about. Not sure if this is available all over<<

Thats quite expensive really - my mums Hyundai Coupe V6 which needs somewhat more servicing than an i10 got 5 years servicing for £800 and that does include a cambelt change so I read in the service schedule.
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - Rob E
Hi Di,

Having test driven the i10, Sirion and Alto, I thought I'd offer my verdict:

For price and equipment, you can't beat the i10 1.2 Classic (currently on offer and down to £6795). It has the 1.2 engine which I found extremely smooth and responsive. HJ gives the ride and handling a thumbs up, and though my test drive was urban, it seemed to ride well. The 1.2 engine is very economical, and a vast improvement over the 1.1 which was offered in earlier i10s. There is a special edition i10 which features the 1.1 engine - don't be talked into it, the 1.2 is so much better.

The Suzuki Alto is a charming, entertaining and spirited drive. It's certainly more vocal than the i10 (being a 3 cylinder), and not as well finished. The SZ3 version has air con. It has no AUX port for your ipod, however, just an MP3 compatible cd player. I really enjoyed driving it, and thought the brakes were excellent. Suzuki has a proven reliability record, and you can tell this is a car that will run and run. There is a big range of colours to choose from (unlike the Sirion/ i10). I prefer the look of the Alto over the other two, but it comes down to personal preference.

Finally the Sirion. Being a Daihatsu driver myself, I am quite a fan of this car. The 1.0S has all the equipment you'd need, and Daihatsu usefully brought the Sirion up to date last year in terms of putting in an ipod socket and refreshing the bumper design. There's a proven 3 cylinder engine under the bonnet. I would say it handles and rides least well of all of them, but is still perfectly competent. The one downside is that the price has gradually crept up, so it is not as good value as the i10 or Alto. The Sirion has now been out for 4 years, so is a bit "old tech". However, it still qualifies for £35 tax, and the engine is reliable and economical. There are plenty around on the used market, which offer a useful saving over new.

A word on the Nissan Note: yes, it does undercut the Alto on price. However, to get a Note with air con (which in my opinion is essential equipment) you have to move up to the range-topping Tekna, whereas the mid-range Alto SZ3 has it as standard and is therefore cheaper.

Perhaps you're now just as confused?! At the end of the day, all 3 of these cars are cheap to run, economical and a fairly decent drive. If you don't feel drawn by a particular make, go for the one which you like the look of best, or the dealer that is prepared to give you the best deal and make you most welcome. For this reason, my money would go on the Alto as the dealer was fantastic.

Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - Rob E
A word on the Nissan Note...

Oops, I meant Pixo!

Warranty-wise, Hyundai does 5 years, and Daihatsu is also offering this now. Suzuki make do with 3 years.

Bought from new and looked after, all 3 of these cars are likely to give you a minimum of 5 years trouble free
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - TurboD
is it a good thing to buy a new car for your 'first car'?
What about the bumps and scapes as you get used to driving? I would get a SH Fiesta tank, myself and get into driving and parking, spaces at Supermarkets are notoriously narrow, with many dodgy parkers around too.
Hyundai i10 or Suzuki Splash? - Rob E
Following on from TurboD's suggestion for a used car:

for similar money to the above 3 new car choices, you could get a tidy 2007 Toyota Yaris 1.0 T3 from a Toyota dealer (typically with 15-20K on the clock). Well equipped, great image, solid and a decent drive.

Hopefully there won't be any 'bumps and scrapes' as a new driver though!