00 1.8 fitting a 2nd hand cylinder head - choobacker63
hi has any one fitted a second hand cylinder head to citroen xantia 1.8 16v ,would it be a problem fitting secon hand any one got any tips or do,s and dont ,thanks

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xantia second hand cylinder head - 1400ted
I think it should be OK if the car has been running well.
I have fitted plenty of heads from other cars over the years...mostly in my Lada days.

I would certainly get the head checked for trueness of face at a local engineers. Having a head skimmed is not a fortune, The last one I had done was a Punto...£20.

xantia second hand cylinder head - choobacker63
ok thanks for that ted , anybody else done any thing similar.
xantia second hand cylinder head - Peter.N.
I fitted two secondhand heads to my CX Safari diesel, providing that the head is flat (will probably need machining), you shouldn't have a problem