96 1.6 timing belt tensioning - peugeot106
Can anyone help with the method to check for the correct tensioning on a new timing belt for this TUD5 diesel engine ? Thanks
96 1.6 timing belt tensioning - 659FBE
Without the SEEM tool, a fair approximation is to set the belt tension such that with a cold engine, you can just twist the belt through 45 deg at a point midway between the cam and injection pump wheels. The belt will become considerably tighter than this when the engine is hot.

Make sure you fully understand how to use the vernier adjusters on the pump and cam wheels before you do this job.

96 1.6 timing belt tensioning - freman
Failing everything else a rough & ready method is :- On the longest run between sprockets, tensioners etc. turn the belt thro 90 degrees so that it is edge on to its normal attitude. This should be just achieved with fingers only if the tension is somewhere near correct.
96 1.6 timing belt tensioning - 659FBE
Not on a TUD5 diesel. The wheels are all closely spaced (well engineered drive with big wheels on a small engine) and the method you propose will result in a belt which is far too slack.

96 1.6 timing belt tensioning - andrewuwe
You put the belt on with 45 degrees as above. Then give the engine a quick run, 10 seconds tops. Then redo the tension. When you've finished run the engine with the covers still off, if you got it far too tight then the belt will scream (OK maybe sing not scream) as you rev the engine. Far too loose and the belt will be flapping about.
As long as you pass this then you should then be able to 5mph it to the nearest garage that has the tool.