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a different angle on oil starvation - bell boy

The other day ive got one of these on a v and it sounded like a diesel,i changed the oil twice but it still sounded horrible to the point i turned a customer away last week and told her i had lost the keys i was so embarrased to sell it,
anyway to the chase
I found this link after an internet look for a problem similar (this is something i often do for car related problems) heres the link,20660.0.html

So i then looked at my car and wo and behold the bolts are totally undone and ready to jump out into a cam.
The camshaft bolts were also very slightly slack and ive tightened these up to my personall elbow preferance but lock tighted down the oil feed bolts so they wont come undone again.
If you look at the camshaft back one right hand side you will see that the cup holding the right hand side down has turned slightly blue due to heat build up,only time will tell now if this will cause future problems.
Anyway top back on ,started up and the engine soounds as sweet as a 3 pot can,
another success story
Pictures below in the before i touched it state

Im not saying this is the 2005 problem in the 4 pot but who knows.?im not used to bolts undoing in heads but it is all aluminium so maybe it is a problem (im quite happy my engine has not had work on it as it is truly low mileage) GUV

Mods move this if you wish but i thought for the benefit of some it was best not lost in the other longer thread,even technical if you wish

a different angle on oil starvation - Number_Cruncher
Very interesting BB.

It may just be an artifact of the piccie, but on 1082.jpg, does the threadform on the front bolt look a bit odd?

a different angle on oil starvation - Rattle
Bellboy this seems to be a fairly common problem and the guys other at a Corsa forum seeem to think this is one of the reasons the camshafts are snapping on the 1.2 twinport engine.

Luckily after the oil change I've found my engine has got a bit quieter but will change it again in a few months time then hopefully all the crud will slowly disappear.
a different angle on oil starvation - Billy Whizz
That is something I hope I'll never see on a car of mine (1082.jpg)
Nice resolution! (to the problem).
a different angle on oil starvation - bell boy
all bolts were in good condition,i see whats meant but its just a trick of the light

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