93 1.4 head gasket replacement! - CH
It's a 1993 Mk3 Astra 1.4MPI (C14SE engine). I have a leaky head gasket, which I've managed to avoid attempting to replace by using an additive called 'K-Seal'' This has worked fine for about 4000 miles but, despite a fresh application the old problem is back with a vegeance! Has anyone out there changed a head gasket on one of these? Looking at the Haynes manual it looks a tad daunting (I'm also conscious of the fact that nuts and bolts on a 15 year-old car are often a bit reluctant to come off!!). I've replaced the timing belt, pullies, water pump on this car (and much else besides, as previous posts will testify to!) but the head had never been off from new. I know someone will say 'for goodness sake dump it and get a new car!' - but I like it, and I still think it has a few more miles left in it. Are there any particular points to warch out for? Grateful for any help/advice.

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93 1.4 head gasket replacement! - Rattle
How many miles has it done? Would a second hand engine from a soon to be scrapped car be a better bet? I just wonder if the K seal has done any damage to the cylinder head which may cause lots of problems if you attempt to fix this but I have no idea.

I am assuming this must be the old 8v OHC unit which I guess must make the HG a bit of an easier job.
93 1.4 head gasket replacement! - thomp1983
very easy change to do, only issue you may encounter is cleaning up the coolant passage ways due to the use of kseal, it can leave deposits all around the coolant system, it's nothing you can't solve with a pressure washer and some time but it is a nuisance. other than that no reason why you can't do the job for less than £100 diy, i doubt the head will need skimming as it hasn't overheated, but check it with a decent straight edge against the haynes manual tolerances. you could comfortably do it in a weekend with a few beers chucked in during the day in this nice weather were seeing.

93 1.4 head gasket replacement! - bell boy
if the head is now leaking coolent i would assume a skim is a must
plus a new radiator and heater matrix

93 1.4 head gasket replacement! - CH
Many thanks for that. I'm gonna give it a go as soon as I've got hold of the gasket set + stretch bolts. If it doesn't go well, the 'few beers' will compensate!! I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks to all for your advice. Yes 'rattle', it is the 8 valve. If it looks remotely like a new radiator and heater matrix, 'bell boy', it'll end up in the knackers yard - but I can't imagine it would come to that.
93 1.4 head gasket replacement! - CH
Job done! More straightforward than I feared it would be. Replaced timing belt as well while I was at it (34,000 since last change). Water ways seemed fairly clean so didn't see a need to flush (to get rid of K-Seal). Had to have the head skimmed though (measured 0.15mm with a straight-edge - Haynes says max of 0.05mmm). All back together and running like a sewing-machines again!! Many thanks to all for your help and advice.