Performance Mods? - Javalin
Hello all,

I am pondering trying to get a few more BHP, handling and breaks from my '94 Golf. Sadly not the GTI version - 1.8 8v 90bhp variety.

So i've been considering a few options - and would like some feedback...

1) K&N induction kit (supposed 4-5bhp), performance brakes etc. Easy & Cheap ish - but not dramatic even if I get 5bhp. Do they work?
2) Can you put a 16v head & MP injection on an 8v? How would you find out if you could? What else would you need asside from the ECU & intake manifold.... More expensive, more complicated - particularly for insurance & problem troubleshooting
3) Kent "sports" CAM? Problematic? Insurance issues? Do they work? Am I flogging a dead horse?
4) Buy a late model GTI? Even more expensive but easy. Autotrader has a decent '98 2l gti for about £1500. Dunno what I might get for mine (VGC) - £500?

Thanks all,

Performance Mods? - MikeTorque
Insurance is the main issue for all the items you mention plus the hassle factor of the work involved.

Better to change the car for something else that is closer to your requirements.
Performance Mods? - frazerjp
You should have brought a mk3 2.0 8v GTI like i did nearly 3 months ago.
It'll be cheaper to insure then a modded 1.8 by far me thinks.
Mine is completely standard, it got out 109.9 bhp at the flywheel on the rollers a few weeks ago, that's only a loss of 5 horses in 12 years & 128k miles. It's so far the nicest car I've driven so far, plenty of grunt throughout the rev range.

I've seen plenty of modded base model golfs of the same age & they look pretty tacky & that's being nice..
Performance Mods? - jc2
Air cleaner and cam will only make improvements if done with other engine(major)work!!

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Performance Mods? - yorkiebar
easiest performance mod for any car, and cheapest by far.

! Brakes
2 Brakes
3 Brakes
4 Tyres
5 Handling

If you maintain brakes in perfect condition, (consider change of material compound if driving it really hard on tracks etc) and are able to rely on brakes 1st time, every time, without any fear of fade, poor pedal, pulling or other issues then it will be able use every bit of power available.

Doing anything to the engine before sorting brakes is just a waste of money.
Performance Mods? - Javalin
>You should have brought a mk3 2.0 8v GTI like i did nearly 3 months ago.
yeah - coming to that conclusion. Whats the ride like?? - i've been in a mates A3 1.8T and its a bone shaker. The 1.8 Golf is a bit to far the other way.

I'll have to keep an eye out

Cheers all,

Performance Mods? - frazerjp
Yes the suspension is quite firm when going over rough surfaces & causing the cd player to cut out for a second, but in performance terms it feels very impressive even when i have passengers it still pulls like a train.
Performance Mods? - brum
I had a 94 golf.

It was OK until it turned 8/9 years old when terrible body corrosion, engine unreliability (cooling/ignition/electrics) and massive repair bills broke out. I was stupid and spent a fortune trying to fix it.

Have a look at the inside of the rear hatch - if its like a lot I've seen it'll be pure rust.

I suggest you scrap it now and buy a decent car.

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