1996 1.9td engine running problems - juiceybhoy
avin probs with my 806 it starts fine and runs for a while then engine starts to hunt a bit and becums more smokey then it runs like this, when i rev it, it smokes more just had head gasket and timing belt done thw smoke is white i dun the work myself check everything still cant find out whats wrong any ideas?

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1996 1.9td engine running problems - Dynamic Dave
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1996 1.9td engine running problems - andrewuwe
Assuming you have checked your work...Try this: get a couple of spanners (or a jump lead) and connect the heater (glow) plugs to the battery. The white smoke will go away. Don't do this for more than a 20 seconds. Then the white smoke should return.
If this is true then let the car warm up on idle (it shouldn't do much damage but who knows?) If the smoke goes away once the car is warm. Double check the timing and double check the advance control.
1996 1.9td engine running problems - juiceybhoy
hi thanks for looking will try that ! i was thinking of overfueling or something along those lines, also i was thinking about the leak off pipes cause took them off and replaced them and forgot which way they went on could this be the problem? is there any way of checking if they are the right way on? how do you check advance control? timing is correct, the holes are lining up. thanks for the help it most appreciated.

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1996 1.9td engine running problems - andrewuwe
If you just had the head gasket done you have probably disturbed the "ignition" advance which advances the injection of diesel when the engine is cold. There may be a pull-wire from the engine to the fuel pump. The engine heats up and this wire slackens off usually and un-advances the fuel pump. On the turbo I think there is also an advance on boost, too confuse the issue.
So check that the cold start advance is connected. If it is, check that is slackens off to leave (1/8"?) clearance when engine warm.
The injector leak off pipes should not affect things once the engine is running - an air leak there can cause starting problems.