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Hi Guys and Girls
Got intermitant EAC fail on a Fiesta 05 14 Tdci. I was told this was due to the injectors leaking so paye a garage to do them and solved the smell. But still get EAC fail. I notice that the car seems to rev fine but feel the turbo does not kick in ??. As soon as you hit the motorway you struggle to get to 70mph. Then the fail pops up . Leave the car a few min and you can drive again and it come back . Every time it still feel like no turbo boost ?.
Any Ideas Im at my wits end not to mention the end of my bank book


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05 1.4 tdci EAC Fail - 547HEW
When EAC fail appears, the car will go into some form of limp home mode. This reduced power mode is to protect the engine, in case something rather detrimental has happened. The limp home will feel like a loss of boost pressure.

You need to get the codes read, or failing that, have a good look under the bonnet to see what they could have left unplugged accidentally.

When you say "revs fine" will it go aboove 3000 rpm in neutral when EAC Fail is on?
05 1.4 tdci EAC Fail - mark1316
No when Eac fail shows it will not rev over 2000. When there is no Eca fail showing the engine will rev free to near 5000 but when you drive with no Eca fail showing the car will struggle to hit 70mph on the motorway. This leads me to believe there is no turbo kicking in.
If you know these cars you will know there is quite a lot of torque in the low gears. This seams to be missing as well.
I had the RAC out at it and they used their computer and showed no fault code. This was when the EAC fail was still displayed on the speedo ??????????

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05 1.4 tdci EAC Fail - tinkmobile
I have the same problem with my car its an 04 fiesta and its been in the garage 3 times now in fact its in there at the moment they have had it for over two weeks now and say they cant find a fault with it . Its driving me mad too as i have only had it for 10 months and its on finance lol i dont know what to do with it either
05 1.4 tdci EAC Fail - injection doc
eac fail is usually down to the electronic accelerator peddal .. try cleaning the conection on the pedal wire . these can give trouble .. also try unplugging the sockets on the alarm module and replugging them in . it under the drivers side dash in the footwell .. but i would try the pedal first as these cars are fly by wire and do not have a cable .
If this fails it may need a new PCM & software download.
If yours suffers from stalling when manouvering it needs a download anyway. Stalling is cause by an idle speed of less than 750rpm not reconized & shuts down.

05 1.4 tdci EAC Fail - mark1316
new PCM & software download ???? Whats the PCM? I have cleaned the pedal and plugs and still the same / I will have o look for a pedal and try that as well.i will have a bash at removing every plug i can find and replug them as well
i have a fiesta 04 1.4 zetec and i have EAC fail light on and also engine mgmt light too. It loses power and also when at traffic lights or slowing down my engine cuts out. I took it to an auto electrician for a diagnostic but was told he didnt know what was wrong and to take it to ford dealers.
I took it to ford to be told it was £80 +vat for diagnostic ! Later that day they called me to say they had cleared the codes and everything was fine, i picked the car up and on the way home the same thing happened. Spoke to Ford again where i took it back to them. Again later that day another phone call from them saying they needed to replace the whole PCM Module and would cost £830 ! I have not yet had the work done as i feel ford dont know what this problem is.
Any advice or recommendations??????
i have also a 06 fiesta zetec that i have had for 3 years and the engine management light is on and the message engine system failed keeps popping up every 10 minutes whilst driving and has been like this for the last 10 days and the power goes, i have had it in a garage for a service, an MOT a month ago everything was fine and a diagnostics check on Tuesday just gone and they said that there was nothing wrong with it, that they had cleaned all the senses and it was running fine. The light and message came back on again the next day so i took it back to the garage who told me i now need a new throttle body and it will cost be £350 to buy and fit it

Ive only had me 04 reg flame for 4 months now on fianance. Its only done 22 000 miles and the EAC fail light came up. Any Ideas? Ive also seen other problems. Did these get resolved?

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05 1.4 tdci EAC Fail - Jayjay18
Where exactly is the connection on peddle wire


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