95 1.8 ABS Alarm jammed on - Peter D
My Son is up at Fort William sking and has just returned to the car but forgot to unset the alarm and it triggered. He appears unable to turn it off. He has tried his second key fob but it is still going off. It is not an auto set type just a two button fob to set or unset the alarm/ immobilser it does not control the doors. The second button is a panic button. The alarm is a factory fitted Laserline alram. Any ideas. Regards Peter
95 1.8 ABS Alarm jammed on - Number_Cruncher
>>is a factory fitted Laserline

I didn't know Laserlines were factory fitted.

However, is there a key switch in the back of the siren? Does your son have the key? If the fob battery is getting low, its range may be suffering - has he tried pressing the fob button close to the sounder (or control unit depending upon the alarm model)?

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95 1.8 ABS Alarm jammed on - Peter D
Stand down guys. Thanks NC, I got him to disconnect the battery for 30 seconds and it cleared the proble. He appears to have pressed the panic button, although he totally denied this. As you would. All seems to work agains including the immobiliser. Regards Peter
95 1.8 ABS Alarm jammed on - Peter D
Spot on NC it was not factory fitted it was VW main dealer fitted. Regards Peter