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Morning all.
Was with one of my mates down the pub last night, red nose (at least after 11.00pm!) etc. He's the one I've mentioned before with a Saab looking for a diesel replacement. Never got around to it last year, but is now back on the trail. He's seen a Xsara HDI 110 5 door Desire, 54 reg for £2500. It looks immaculate (apparently) but has done 92K. I'm going to look at it with him tomorrow but would be grateful for any pointers as to what to look out for - I know the clutches can be suspect, but would look for signs of replacement or bargain for it to be done before sale. Do these have any other issues? Quick replies appreciated!

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With regards to the clutch, get it to about 70mph and just gently put your foot on the clutch pedal. Any bumpy feelings, and the chances it'll need a new clutch. They are single mass flywheels however, so cheap to be done.

Check the coil springs, as they're not protected as well as other cars.
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Is it a Xsara or Xsara Picasso? Many dealers advertise them wrongly - missing out the Picasso bit! Just do a Google and you will see what I mean.

I thought the Xsara was finished by 2004 although there may have been some old stock around.

If it is a Picasso the chances are that it will be the 1.6 HDi 110 engine
with a DMF.

The Picasso has a FAP on that engine with potential for expense, but the good news is the 150k cambelt life.

If it is the 2.0HDi engine the Citroens did not have a DMF, but I believe Peugeots of the same vintage did!

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Cambelt --- and CAM BELT PULLEY.. The latter goes at 70k miles ..

Electrical maladies.. Run it for miles with everything switched on: if it is multiplex wiring and EARLY multiplex: a whole host of potential nasties.. see HJ's guide to Peugeot 406...
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If it has a DPF then check if it's been replaced and also if the rocket fuel used to clean the DPF has been recharged.

Check everything works, including air con, switches etc. Check all warning lights come on when initially turning on the key and all go off when the engine starts.

Check body work for accident repairs. HPI check, also request & check all service paperwork history is in order.

Check they are no outstanding finance payments on the car.

On the test drive check it revs smoothly throughout the rev range, the engine should be sweet right up max revs. of 5000.

Tyres should be in good order and even wear across and around each tyre and also the same brand. Cheap tyres may indicate cost savings have been made which may apply elsewhere, so buyer beware.