1993 1.1 - Starting problems - ffolliott
Hi - I have posted this before about a year ago but I still get a starting problem every so often which persists. Have a 1993 1.1 Petrol Fiesta auto choke. It currently often refuses to start after a long rest (eg overnight) which may be temperature related. Engine turns over and you can hear it wants to go but won't catch and fire up even when I connect my jumpstart battery booster. Sometime if I leave it an hour it will start ok. Battery is good and spark is evident. Without exception if I tow it for a bump starts it starts ok after 25 yards and runs fine immediately. Have tried various numbers of accelerator pumps pre turnover and holding pedal to the floor, cleaning breather, taking of air filter etc but cannot find a single reliable 'trick' to get it going. I have also fitted a brand new starter motor. Have always owned older cars (this is the newest one I have ever owned) so fairly familiar with old car starting problems - but this one - with its electronic EMS etc - has still got me baffled. Why will it always start when bumbed but not on the starter motor.

Any help welcome.

Many thanks

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1993 1100 Starting problems - injection doc
Pumping the throttle & holding it down will only cause you more problems. Do not touch the throttle when you want to start it. It has single point injection & when you hold the throttle down it put the ECM into clear flood mode & shuts the injection off.
Have the valve clearances been set correctly & has a compression test been carried out. They do suffer with valve wear & fail to start when cold but a bump start gives it that extra bit of compression.
Next time it fails remove the plugs & squirt some 20/50 oil down the plug holes the spin it over couple of times with the plugs out then refit them & if it starts it will indicate the compressions getting low.
try Some redex ( yep snake oil for the synics ) in the fuel may help & if it does you will know the valves are tired