2001 1.2 emission warning light - sparkyy
I need a little advice. The other day the rev counter on the wife's 51 reg corsa stopped working and the engine electronics warning light came on followed by the emission light, the electronics light then went off. I had a fiddle under the bonnet and the next time i tried it everything was back to normal. We took it for a drive and after about 4 miles it cut out at a junction and the warning lights came on again I got it going and drove home. I tried to start it today and no joy, it sounds like it's trying to start but not quite. Any ideas.

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51 1.2 emission warning light - elekie&a/c doctor
Possible crank sensor fault.You will need to get a diagnostic check.hth
51 1.2 emission warning light - sparkyy
Thanks for that. i tried to start it again today and it started but was very rough. If it's not a big job and is not too expesive I might change the sensor before being charged the earth by the local garage.
51 1.2 emission warning light - tech1
hi you would need to change both sensors one on the manifold and other on the down pipe , they are reasonably priced at local auto factors think i payed 35 each , but you will need to erase the fault codes aswell because it will be in limph mode hence eratic running , i bought one from argos 119 pounds in valuable as it does most cars and diesels regards rob
51 1.2 emission warning light - Dynamic Dave
Once the fault is fixed, the fault codes stored in the ECU memory will self delete after a certain number of key turns or 'x' amount of days providing no more faults occur. You shouldn't need to delete them for the car to run normally again - fixing the fault should do that.
51 1.2 emission warning light - sparkyy
Thanks. I read some where that turning the ignition on and off twice then starting it would get rid of the fault light I tried it and it worked. i'm going to have a go at the car tomorrow.
51 1.2 emission warning light - sparkyy
The car's back to normal, a new crankshaft sensor did the trick.

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