1992 1.8 How much would new sills cost? - psst
My ageing Golf Mk3 could probably do with some new sills. Its a five door and the both are corroding at the front edge where it meets the back edge of the wing. In particulr,on the drivers side,this was made worse many years ago when the sill was slightly squashed presumably by some dufus trying to jack it in the wrong place. This has hastened corrosion in this area.

Just wondering how much it might cost? Car is white so the rusty bits scream at you for attention !

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1992 1.8 How much would new sills cost? - bbroomlea{P}
I doubt it will be cost effective against the value of your car if you have the job done properly. I need a new sill on my TF due to a bad accident repair (only one rust bubble but not taking the chance) and the part is £300, fitting will be more than double that and then painting!!

Your Golf may be easier and parts cheaper but it will still stack up, especially if you need both sides. I suspect they can be patched up to last a couple more years much cheaper - I had some sill welding on a Metro several years ago and it only cost £150 and kept it going a bit longer - it was rotting elsewhere so eventually scrapped with holes all over!!!
1992 1.8 How much would new sills cost? - Chuckie888
Probably only about £20 per sill but the cost of labour for replacing would not make it cost effective unless you could do it yourself. A patch would probably be your best bet if you want to keep the car for a couple of years, but the rust will be 10 times worse once you start poking around. I don't think people do the 'cover' type sills anymore as they were a bit of a bodge anyway.

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