96 1.4 car keeps going into snow mode - swanvalley2
hi i have a 96 corsa 1.4 auto. Recently the car has started engageing snow mode intermitterly. which is the cars auto box trying to start off in its top 3rd gear any ideas ??

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96 1.4 car keeps going into snow mode - Dynamic Dave
The gearbox hasn't gone into 'snow mode' as you call it. It's gone into limp home mode as there is a fault with the gearbox. You'll need to get any fault codes read out to establish what the problem is.

It could be that the fluid just needs changing, or the selector switch on top of the gearbox needs stripping down and the internal electrical contacts cleaning and regreasing. As I said though, best to get the fault codes read out which takes away any guesswork.

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