02 2.0 Faulty CD Changer & Radio - Malc
I replaced my 6-CD Changer a year ago because it failed to load/change CDs. It made a horrible graunching noise and required dismantling the changer to remove the CDs.

A year later, exactly the same thing has now happened to my replacement CD changer. Again, I've had to remove the unit, dismantle it and rescue my CDs.

On top of this, the radio is now failing. After driving for 30-40 minutes, suddenly the interference gets so great that I have to switch off. The interference affects all stations.

This interference problem happens every day. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is going wrong with the CD Changer and the radio?
02 2.0 Faulty CD Changer & Radio - kithmo
If it's the Ford 6006e stereo, these are very fragile and won't take any abuse and they get very hot when in use.
You have to be very careful when loading and unloading CDs, don't grab them before they have fully ejected etc.
The radio interference could be either the aerial connection, the aerial itself or a bad earth connection.
Check all the plugs on the back of the radio.

02 2.0 Faulty CD Changer & Radio - Malc
Thanks, Kith. I'll check everything you've suggested and report back.