2005 2.4 Swirling arm failing - stivvy
Recent change of local Volvo dealership prompted a call to say hello. When booking in my car details he spotted an alert linked to the engine no. relating to the swirling (!) arm. On inspection informed me that the arm had failed and needed replacing. No warranty as mileage criteria exceeded. As I have only recently acquired the vehicle I wonder if this was a recall in the past and would like to hear from other owners who have experienced the same problem.
2005 2.4 Swirling arm failing - meltonlad
did you buy it from a volvo dealer ? if so then all the time it had sat on the forecourt this should have been done.
2005 2.4 Swirling arm failing - stivvy
No, we bought privately as we couldn't find the spec. we wanted and the car had been regularly serviced by main dealer and immediately we got the car we visited our local Volvo dealer, Stratstone, to check out the database. We were asked to book an appointment as there had been a recall to upgrade the software. This was done and no mention was made of anything untoward.
2005 2.4 Swirling arm failing - meltonlad
ok if its been serviced only by volvo then you need to find out when the recall/alert was put on the system for your car. if a main dealer has missed it or not done the work then i cant see why volvo should not do it f.o.c !! if you find out the date it was recalled then just look at the service book and see if it was still under the mileage.
2005 2.4 Swirling arm failing - nico
Sorry to hijack this but what is a swirling arm?
2005 2.4 Swirling arm failing - stivvy
Hi! Now learned it is manifold swirl actuator!
2005 2.4 Swirling arm failing - stivvy
My local dealer is now Lancaster Volvo in Reading where the service personnel deny there was any recall on this model. i have been able to establish that a faulty component batch was identified but that doesn't necessarily mean a recall! The service handbook doesn't show any reference to this item.
2005 2.4 Swirling arm failing - meltonlad

Recall: 9 of 11
Recall Ref: R/2004/012
Exact Model: S80, S60 and V70
Description: Possible suspension collapse
Build Date:
Numbers: 9727
Defect: The nut securing the front suspension strut lower ball joint to the control arm may lose its axial tension due to an out tolerance condition. This could adversely affect the directional control of the vehicle.
Action: Fit a modified ball joint to control arm securing nut.
Launch Date: 26 January 2004
Recall: 10 of 11
Recall Ref: R/2004/007
Exact Model: S80, V70, XC90, XC70, and S60
Description: Possible fuel leak from injector pipes
VIN: S80 - 367055 to 367404,
V70 - 416038 to 416863,
XC90 - 088019 to 089019,
XC70 - 151610 to 152096,
S60 - 381861 to 384545
Build Date:
Numbers: 287
Defect: The fuel injector pipes may not have been fitted correctly and as a consequence could leak.
Action: Examine all potentially affected vehicles and replace any incorrectly fitted injector pipes.
Launch Date: 07 January 2004

Recall: 11 of 11
Recall Ref:
Exact Model: C70 V70 V70XC
Build Date: C70 V70 1999 to 2002 model year
V70XC 1990 to 2000
Defect: Speed-control problem could throw engines into 'limp home' mode of 15 m.p.h.
Action: Recall affected vehicles and replace/repair ETM with new software.
Launch Date:
2005 2.4 Swirling arm failing - stivvy
Much appreciate your info. but can you explain the reference to my particular problem with the swirl thingy.
2005 2.4 Swirling arm failing - stivvy
For your info. Volvo Main Dealer informs me that a Volvo modification part is available which means the rectification work does not involve major component removal and should result in much lower repair bill. Fingers crossed.