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Hi All

Has anyone got experience of a complaint against a well known national windscreen company.

I had some theft damage to my car, - front passenger window and rear window. The car was on the garage having some associated wokd done due to the damage which I was paying privately as less than my excess

The company were arranged through my broker - to come out to the garage and replace the windows.

Anyway - I had the work done while at the garage and picked the car up. On inspector the work done by the windscreen company as I was not on site when they were done, the guy who replaced the front windscreen, has damaged the out seal that's on the edge of the window on the outside. Where he has taken off the broken glass he's cut one of the edging seals slightly and where this seal was sticking to the black coating that is on the front of the door , has peeled off a bit.
At the same time, which I checked with the garage, he left my car ignition on and drained my car battery. It now wont hold a charge.

I know the damage to the door seal etc was not done by the thieves who did the damage to my glass as inspected the vehicle in te garage a day after the incident.

Question, as I was not there when the work was done, have I a leg to stand on if I complain to them?


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Complaint against a windscreen company. - smokie
Can't see that simply leaving the ignition on would damage the battery so it won't hold a charge. That has to be coincidence.

I can't picture the other damage you mention, but do you think it is significant, and/or will cause problems e.g. leaking?
Complaint against a windscreen company. - Hamsafar
If it's Autoglass, I have complained to them about niggly things in the past and they bent over backwards to sort it out. Once I had a new windscreen which was not genuine OE and was not quite as nice as the OE one. I was also not happy that they had reused an old seal that had seen better days. I went back to the branch and they replaced it for a Genuine GM new heat reflective metalised one.

The next time I had problems with the rain sensor for the wipers after they refitted it with the old self-adhesive filter, they bought a new one from the dealer and came to my work and fitted it.

Neither times did they make excuses and try to argue etc.. they just accepted what I said, apologised and corrected the problem. That counts for a lot.
Complaint against a windscreen company. - Auristocrat
In our 2000 Honda Civic, we had the battery run down through an interior light being left on whilst the car was garaged, and the battery was damaged. When we had the AA come out, he tested the battery and confirmed it would hold charge. He did also confirm that some modern batteries do have problems holding charge once sufferinmg a full discharge.
Complaint against a windscreen company. - james86
I once complained against a well known national windscreen company.

The fitter had snapped the cover off of damaged the storage compartment at the base of the door (presumably by stepping on it), as well as making some black marks around the sun visor area and left some rubbish around the car (bits of rubber seals etc). Unfortunately it was dark when I signed off the completed fitting and I didn't see any of this at the time.

The call centre the next morning couldn't have been more helpful but ended up referring me to the local office that had done the work. However they put the fitter on the phone who literally called me a liar and tried to say that the damage to the door pocket must have been caused in the same incident that had resulted in a cracked headlight lens the week before ("it's had stuff happen to it"). He didn't explain how a cracked headlight and broken door pocket could have been caused by the same incident. Couldn't get anywhere with it so had to give up and get it repaired myself. Not impressed. That said I have used them since (a different branch!) and have found them to be very good.

What I'm trying to say is I would try the call centre as they were very helpful. They may be able to resolve without getting the local branch too involved.

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