2000 1.2 Shaking at 78mph - lju00dt
Just wondering if any one has any ideas on this.

When the car gets to 76 - 78 on the motorway - the steering wheel begins to shake sending a noticable vibration through me! there is a slight rattle or juddering noise from behind the cloumn / display unit.

It doesnt sound like it is really bad or anything and i rarely do that speed - i have had new tyres put on and had them balanced which should have done it but still it does this rattle?

2000 1.2 Shaking at 78mph - Lud
It's possible the wheels need balancing again. If not, there may be a tracking problem. But I would think the balance of one or both front wheels may be a bit out.

A badly out-of-balance rear wheel can also cause vibration, but it won't come through the steering wheel.

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