Focus cambelt - L'escargot
My 2 litre petrol-engined Focus has done 60,000 miles, but my Ford dealer says not to worry because the cambelt on these "black-top" engines is good for 100,000. Does anyone know different ?
Focus cambelt - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I changed the belt on an S reg 1.25 Zetec Fiesta last Friday at 42k. The tensioner was making that nice dry bearing sound so I replaced that as well.Sorry, I am sticking to 3 years/36000 miles!
Focus cambelt - M.M
I'm with Andrew on this. Years ago when folks never even thought of changing a tensioner with the timing belt I was aware they seemed a limitation.

On a car where you changed the timing belt at about 45K I would notice the tensioner bearing was always pretty rough by the second belt change at around 90K. That was the longest I would ever leave a tensioner.

Since then, in my opinion, the tensioners have become more delicate and warrant serious inspection well before the 100K...whatever the car.

Hence the broad advice to go for a maximum interval of around 50K for timing belts and have a long hard look at the tensioner. If the tensioner has a plastic pulley or "sprung" construction just change it anyway.

David W
Focus cambelt - justinb
Where, if I may be so bold as to enquire, does the 'magic figure' of 36k for Focus diesels come from?
(I ask, 'cos I've done 37,800 & am now awaiting the 'bang'! I do have an extended warranty, which SHOULD cover such eventuality, as, IIRC, Fords recommend 40k?)

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